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Using the Story of Hope in a Togo Village

In a small village in Togo, Africa, three missionaries have been burdened to see the villagers come to know the Lord as their personal Savior. On Sunday afternoons, these three missionaries would visit the village to lead Bible studies. The gentleman would meet with the adults and use The Story of Hope to lead a Bible study, teaching from Genesis through Revelation (covering 20 Old Testament and 20 New Testament key events, all pointing to God’s great redemption plan through Jesus Christ). 

Bringing Light to the darkness

Haiti is a land where so many are blinded by false and dark religions such as voodoo or distortions of Christianity. Good Soil trainer Fred Seiferth recently traveled there with Pastor Mike Vauters to lead a Good Soil seminar for 45 Haitian pastors. These pastors were extremely hungry to learn how to teach God's Word in a way that makes sense, to bring people out of spiritual darkness and into the light! Seeing how God's plan for salvation through Jesus Christ is woven throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, was invigorating to them.  

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