Venezuelan Pastors & Wives Energized & Equipped by Good Soil E&D

Over 800 Venezuelans arrive in Brazil each day, fleeing the economic upheaval in their country that threatens them with poverty, violence, and even starvation. One of the cities most impacted is Boa Vista, the first, major, Brazilian city south of Venezuela where over 40,000 migrants have settled, now comprising more than 10% of its population. In early December 2018, 58 more were travelling to this city, albeit for a very different purpose. They were a group of pastors and wives coming for three days of Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship (GSED) training. GSED equips believers to share God’s story of redemption chronologically so that people will clearly understand, sincerely embrace, and firmly hold on to the gospel. 

Sharing Hope with Dad

My husband, Phil, and I serve as missionaries with ABWE in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Our original plans were to return to the U.S. this November for furlough, but due to possible unrest in the country we had moved up our departure date to September. Another major factor in our decision was the well-being of my father, Gerald. His health had been declining for some time, and over the past year and a half he had been struggling with a great deal of pain followed by weight loss. Although we had called home many times asking my parents, “Should we come home now?”, they had always answered, “No, not yet.” 

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