Trainer Certification

Certification is required to be a facilitator of these three Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship courses:

Access to the Instructors Resource Center (IRC)

When you complete the certification training (or are granted provisional certification), a special "passcode" word (unique to each of the courses) will be given to you. You will then use that passcode to be granted access to the instructor resources for the course for which you are certified as a facilitator-instructor. If you forget what that passcode is, contact us at and tell us when and where you were certified (or how you received provisional certification).

1. Create Account

But, prior to using the passcode to gain access to the instructor's resources, you must create an account on this site and be logged into that account. You only have to create your account one time. You can access instructor resources through that account for any or all of the courses for which you are certified.

2. Enter Passcode for Access

Once you have created an account on this site and are logged in, click on the appropriate course tab (above) and follow the instructions (using the passcode given to you) in order to gain access to the instructor resources for the course. You should only have to use that passcode one time. When you login to your account in the future, the system will recognize you as a certified trainer of the courses for which you have used the passcode for initial access to the instructor resources.


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