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Change the Way We Do Evangelism in North America?

Eighty-two percent of Americans surveyed believe the statement “God helps those who help themselves” is a Bible verse. Sixty percent cannot name five of the Ten Commandments. And 12% believe that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife. Over half of the graduating high school seniors surveyed believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife. And we can be sure that these survey results will be even more distressing five years from now! 

How To Witness to A Non Believer: 3 Step Guide To Using Verbal & Non Verbal Communication

Getting to know a person is like peeling an onion. It’s a natural thing that we do most anytime we converse at length with a person we encounter for the first time. We peel off layers by asking questions. Questions peel away layers, one at a time, often getting deeper into the person’s life with each additional question. And when done properly, our new acquaintances open their lives gradually without any sense of intrusion. 

Worldview “Noisy” Neighborhoods

In the North America “Leave it to Beaver” world of the 1950s, it was just assumed that all the neighbors were church-going folks who took their kids to Sunday school where they were taught Bible stories and memorized the ten commandments and the Golden Rule. While that was an unrealistic portrayal of American family life even for that time, today we might feel fortunate just to have one other Bible-believing Christian in our neighborhood. In a previous article, the issue of “worldview noise”... 

One Gospel – Three Worldviews

The gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed within pluralistic societies—it’s not a new phenomenon. But for many churches in North America, it’s a new challenge. The apostles Peter and Paul faced this challenge and there are lessons we can learn from their experiences. For many of us, God has brought the “mission field” into our neighborhoods and all around our churches. The choice of how we respond is up to us, ranging from Christian xenophobia (fear or dislike of people whose worldviews and cultures are not like ours) to Great Commission vision. It can often feel intimidating or out of place to have a faith-based conversation with someone whose worldview differs from our own. But understanding different worldviews and knowing how to start an evangelistic conversation with an individual whose faith views are not aligned with ours can reduce the level of intimidation. “Sharing God’s story of hope in a world of competing faiths and cultures” is one of the defining taglines of Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship. And it is rooted in precedent-setting examples found in the book of Acts. 

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