Good Soil E&D is for Adult Bible Classes

as well as many other kinds of ministries.

As a Bible teacher in a local church, I'm looking for teaching resources that really help adults understand the Bible, but also equip them to get engaged in evangelism and personal discipleship. Can you help me?

I also teach the Bible to adults. I'm looking for Bible teaching resources that balance Bible content with learning activities that get adults inolved in learning the Bible, in creatively interactive ways. Can you help me?

These are the kinds of questions we hear quite often. Our answer is, “Yes, Good Soil can help.”

Bible curriculum for Adult Sunday school classes, Adult Bible fellowships (ABFs), Wednesday or Sunday night adult Bible studies, and other Bible teaching opportunities for ministry with adults.

The Story of Hope

A Bible Class for Equipping Teens and Adults for Evangelism and Discipleship

We have developed a curriculum plan for teaching The Story of Hope in a class setting. Lots of people were teaching it that way, so we decided to make it easier for them and others who would want to do so. A generous donor provided funds so that we could have the class facilitator's guide professionally created and offer it to you FREE—the entire 120 beautifully designed pages!

No boring sessions in this study!

  • Lesson plans for 31 class sessions (can be adapted for fewer sessions, or for more sessions).
  • Creative learning activities for all sessions that make learning: engaging, interactive, and FUN.
  • Strategically designed to equip students to be motivated and confident in using The Story of Hope in evangelistic or discipleship studies.
  • "It's Your Time" is the final lesson, where students are launched to use what they have been taught.
  • An optional Class Facilitator PowerPoint presentation available for teaching The Story of Hope class, with 400+ slides.
  • FREE online access to the online Instructor's Resource Center, with files for class activities.

I have just finished teaching The Story of Hope to a group of leaders in a large local church in the area, of which I am NOT a member, and not supported. It was a big step of faith for me and God is using it. They run an alpha program and there are Chinese people there who are about a -10 to -8 on the Good Soil E&D Scale. They barely speak English. About 40 The Story of Hope books have been “sucked up” into this church already, so let’s see what happens. There were four key (nexus) women in the class, women with a high level of understanding. They will definitely take hold of this tool. It’s already out of control and they are now already ordering their own copies, downloading leader’s manuals etc. The Story of Hope is an excellent tool. The leader’s manual is most helpful, well thought out, and absolutely necessary. The transition from Story of Hope to Way to Joy is viable and strong.

Missionary on home ministry assignment in Canada

The Way to Joy

Discipling Adults in a Bible Class

The Way to Joy was originally developed to be a one-on-one or small group basic discipleship study. But, many churches found it very useful for teaching in class settings. Now, we have a FREE resource that provides the adaptation and curriculum design work done for you—for teaching a The Way to Joy class. Thanks to a generous donor, we are now able to offer this professionally designed resource to you for FREE.

No boring sessions in this study either!

  • Students learn best when they are having FUN, and this study combines learning with FUN, so the truth sticks!
  • Thirteen (or more) class sessions covering topics essential for basic, foundational discipleship.
  • Great for baptism or new converts or new members classes, but for equipping disciplemakers as well.
  • The final session is called “It’s Your Time” in which students are challenged to put into practice what they have learned, by discipling someone else.
  • The 42-page professionally designed Class Facilitator’s Guide is available as a FREE download.
  • FREE access to the online Instructor’s Resource Center for The Way to Joy Bible class.

Gaining Ground with Good Soil

Is a Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship seminar in a book.

Everybody loves a good story! And this missionary story teaches many of the Good Soil evangelism and discipleship concepts. It's a good way to get adults thinking about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with their friends, family, and others. It's training in a narrative format!

The audio book can be downloaded to your phone or pad. Audio clips from the audio book can be used to spice up teaching sessions.

The FREE Leader's Guide for teaching the contents of this book in 12 or more class sessions. See the FREE resources below.

Hooks for Hanging the Bible’s Storyline

Believe it or not - in just a couple of hours you can teach people to think their way through the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation! You can do so in this FUN workshop that helps them hang the storyline (the BIG Story plot) of the Bible on 25 “Hooks”—major Bible eras that summarize the Bible, from beginning to end.

The activities for teaching Hooks are FUN for students of all ages, even the teachers.
And there are FREE instructional helps.

A FUN Bible teaching-learning activity to use in your ministry of teaching adults.

The 12 "Hooks" for Hanging the Old Testament Storyline

The 1 + 12 "Hooks" for Hanging the New Testament Storyline

My latest Hooks for Hanging the Bible’s Storyline workshop was last Saturday in a Bible study in the home of the owner of Sam Ash Music Stores in Bayonne, NJ. Several very diverse cultures were represented in the group (Filipino, Russian, German, American, African, Hispanic, Arab, and Jewish). They were amazed and enjoyed it - and everyone understood. Some said, “I finally got it!” “I’ll read my Bible again.”

Ariel, Filipino visiting in New Jersey

The Roots of Faith Bible Courses

Old and New Testaments

Chronological Bible curriculum, unfolding the BIG Story of the Bible in 100 events and packed with FUN learning activities. 50 Old Testament lessons and 50 New Testament lessons—two full years of Bible curriculum.

Read a Story About The Roots of Faith in a Local Church

Adults in your class can learn…

  • Much of the key content in the Old and New Testaments.
  • The chronology of 25 major Bible eras and 100 key Bible events.
  • The geographic locations of many places where Bible events occurred.
  • The BIG Story of the Bible and how it progresses from Genesis through Revelation.

Complete Instructor’s Guide for each course and access to an online Instructor’s Resource Center for teaching-learning activities, lesson commentary, and more.

Bring a group of your class members to The Roots of Faith courses in June - near Harrisburg PA.
Ask us about a group rate.
Or, teach them yourself in your own class setting.

How can you be certified to teach The Roots of Faith Courses?

Option One: Participate in The Roots of Faith Courses

Full Certification

Image of a TROF OT Class at ABWE - FUN Learning

Image of a TROF NT Class at ABWE - Interactive & Engaging Learning

Or, Option Two: Purchase The Roots of Faith Instructor’s Kits

Provisional Certification


FREE Evangelism Resource

106 Professionally Designed Pages - FREE

Designed for evangelism with people who enjoy stories and story telling. Connects “where they are in life” to major redemptive story events in the Bible.

Perfect for informal small groups. Activities engage participants in learning key Bible stories well enough that they can tell the stories to others. Each session also focuses on learning about God—the God of the Bible—who He is, what He is like, and what He has done.

LifeStories is a “stories version” group study of The Story of Hope.


FREE Discipleship Resource

71 Professionally Designed Pages - FREE

Designed for basic discipleship with Christ-followers who love to learn through hearing or telling stories. A complete curriculum plan for small group gatherings. Loaded with creative FUN activities.

Participants compare their own struggles and steps of spiritual growth with characters in the Bible. Questions-activities provoke them to think of their own lives and what they can do to become more-committed followers of Jesus.

GrowthStories is a “stories version” group study of The Way to Joy.

We all want to share our faith effectively…but how do we do it?

Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship

Basic Seminar

Certified Good Soil E&D trainers are equipped, resourced, and certified to teach the contents of the Good Soil Basic Seminar in their ministries—church, mission agency, or other organization. Although we teach it in two full days, in May and October at ABWE - the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, near Harrisburg, PA, you can vary the schedule however it best suits your own ministry: an hour or so a week for several weeks, etc.

  • Comfortably taught in 14 hours, but can be extended or contracted for many situations.
  • Creative learning activities for all sessions that make learning: engaging, interactive, and FUN.
  • Strategically designed to equip students to be motivated and confident in using The Story of Hope and The Way to Joy, and other Good Soil resources in evangelistic and discipleship ministries.
  • Developed to equip Christ-followers to share God's story of hope in a world of competing faiths and cultures.
  • Great way to start in mobilizing your class members to become personally involved in Great Commission ministries.
  • FREE instructional resources available to certified Good Soil trainers.

How can you be certified to teach the Good Soil Basic Seminar?

Begin by attending a Good Soil Basic Seminar

Then participate in a Good Soil Trainer Certification Workshop

Personal Evangelism FREE Curriculum Guide

For Teaching the Good Soil Seminar Contents in 30 Class Sessions

  • Establish a Biblical theology of evangelism and discipleship (E&D) as the foundation for the methodologies and resources presented in this class.
  • Teach students to understand and practice E&D in ways that are worldview-relevant, training them to share God’s story of hope in a world of competing faiths and cultures.
  • Equip students for ministry in international missions, as well as in multi-faith North American communities.
  • Introduce students to resources that have been broadly tested internationally with people of various worldview contexts and that are available in numerous languages.
    Great for use in Bible Institute or Bible College evangelism classes.

More Good Soil Resources for Evangelism and Discipleship

Good Soil provides an entire toolbox of resources for ministries with adults

For a complete overview of our Good Soil resources:

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How to Share Your Faith

How to Teach the Bible to the Unsaved

“We are seeing a great appetite to read and understand the Bible.” --Roy Peterson, President of the American Bible Society Secularization (“religion isn’t important”) and religious pluralization (“all religions are equally true and valid”) are specters that intimidate Christians and church leaders in North America: “People aren’t interested in the Bible or Jesus anymore!” “How can we share the gospel, since Americans don’t believe in the Bible now?!” “So many people have their own religious beliefs now and don’t want to hear about Christianity.”

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The Roots of Faith – in a Local Church

The Roots of Faith Old Testament and New Testament courses – will they work in a local church? The response has been tremendous, as many people who had been Christians and regular church attenders for many years eagerly joined in along with folks who had had little Bible teaching. During the first 40 lessons the Sunday school attendance increased and people regularly commented on how much they were learning.

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