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Over 800 Venezuelans arrive in Brazil each day, fleeing the economic upheaval in their country that threatens them with poverty, violence, and even starvation. One of the cities most impacted is Boa Vista, the first, major, Brazilian city south of Venezuela where over 40,000 migrants have settled, now comprising more than 10% of its population. In early December 2018, 58 more were travelling to this city, albeit for a very different purpose. They were a group of pastors and wives coming for three days of Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship (GSED) training. GSED equips believers to share God’s story of redemption chronologically so that people will clearly understand, sincerely embrace, and firmly hold on to the gospel.

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Challenges abounded, but God was clearly in control. Though detained for hours at the border, and at one point thinking they would be denied access to Brazil, this resilient band of believers was eventually permitted to proceed. Further north, one of the teachers, Scott Russell, ABWE Executive Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, was admitted to the hospital the day he was to fly to Brazil. ABWE missionary, Carl Sexton, arrived safely from Florida and despite just having one day to prepare to be without his teaching partner, was able to competently impart the full 18 hours of training. With assistance from the Brazil Good Soil team, led by Dan Cook, what followed was extraordinary.

Carl has taught GSED to many Hispanic groups with great success but recounted that the passionate reception by this group of pastors and their wives was unlike anything he has witnessed in his life! God fanned a flame in their hearts to return with great zeal to participate in an unprecedented spiritual sowing and harvest in their nation, even in the midst of the crippling crisis their country faces.

They set an initial goal of leading 500 unsaved countrymen through The Story of Hope, an evangelistic study that presents the Bible’s big redemptive story, in just three months.
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One of the pastors shared that he and the others had never before experienced this manner of training. Its impact was exhilarating for both students and teacher.

Please pray for these dear pastors and wives as they obey God by staying and ministering in Venezuela during these extremely difficult days. Pray that their fervor would continue and that their efforts would produce much fruit. Pray that God would supply them with protection and provision.

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