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Use Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship to share your faith with friends, family, co-workers and others.

Many of us want to share our faith, but don’t know how. With Good Soil, you’ll learn simple techniques for starting conversations that can lead to meaningful discussions about the gospel, and strategies for addressing questions that you might not be able to answer.

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We all want to share our faith effectively…but how do we do it?

Good Soil Basic Seminar – Evangelism and Discipleship Training

Two Days in May and October

Good Soil Seminar Solutions For Common Fears and Questions:

I want to share my faith, but I am afraid because I don’t know what to say.
You will learn what to say to in order to begin the conversation, as well as the gospel concepts you need to share.

I want to share the gospel with my friends, but where do I start?
The Good Soil E&D scale and Onion-Peeling Model will help you with this.

I want to witness to people that I work with, but what if they ask a question I can’t answer?
The seminar will address this and other common concerns that many of us face.

I want to be a witness for Jesus, but I’m afraid my friends will think I’m imposing my beliefs on them – how do I avoid that?
Good Soil training will help you share the gospel in a non-imposing manner, showing respect for the recipient’s beliefs but in an uncompromising way.

My neighbors are Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus and atheists, how can I tell them about Jesus?
Good Soil training is unique in that it is designed to be worldview-relevant, which means we train you to share God’s story of hope in a world of competing faiths and cultures.

One of my friends has never gone to church but now she is asking me to teach her about God and the Bible – what would be a good Bible study resource to use in doing that?
You will learn to use The Story of Hope, which was designed as an evangelistic Bible study that begins with the assumption that the student has no prior knowledge of who God is and what the Bible is all about.

I have a friend who just became a Christian and wants me to help him in getting started as a Christ-follower, what discipleship study should I use?
You will learn to use The Way to Joy, a foundational Bible study that covers ten essential topics for every new believer who is sincere about becoming a committed Christ-follower.

Training You to Share Your Faith Effectively, With More Confidence and Less Fear

The Good Soil Basic Seminar consists of two full days of training. The seminar is based on three evangelism concepts found in Jesus’ parable of the sower/soils:

  • Share the gospel in a way that people Clearly Understand it – Matthew 13:23.
  • Share the gospel in a way that people Sincerely Embrace it – Mark 4:20.
  • Share the gospel in a way that people Hold Fast to it – Luke 8:15.

The first day of the seminar focuses on how to present the gospel in a way that increases the possibilities that these three results are achieved. In the second day of the seminar, we put “tools” (evangelism and discipleship resources) in your hands and give you “hands on” experience learning how to use them—The Story of Hope, The Way to Joy, the Chronological Bridge to Life, and other Good Soil resources. You will learn three very different methods of presenting the gospel—narrative, propositional, and experiential.

Offered in May and October at ABWE – Association of Baptists for World Evangelism – near Harrisburg, PA

And, there’s an optional third day of training – Good Soil Trainer Certification Workshop – to equip and certify you to train others, using the Good Soil Basic Seminar workbook and resources.

This was great training! Finally, all the evangelism pieces fit together for me.

Gabrielle in the USA

Gaining Ground with Good Soil

Learning to Share God's Redemptive Story in a World of Competing Faiths and Cultures

Gaining Ground With Good Soil

The Printed Book

Many of your "how do I share my faith?" kinds of questions will be answered in this book.

It’s an evangelism and discipleship training seminar in a book—a narrative book. The essence of Good Soil’s distinctives are embedded in an interesting story of two discouraged missionaries and their national colleagues, who discover some principles from the New Testament that revolutionize the way they share the gospel and make disciples.

It’s a great way to get started finding answers to your questions about how to tell unsaved friends and relatives about Jesus, and the eternal hope He can give them.

The Story of Hope

A Bible Study Resource for Personal Evangelism or Discipleship

The Story of Hope for Evangelism

This resource was developed to be an evangelistic Bible study, for use in personal or small-group evangelism. It is designed to work with unbelievers who know little or nothing about the Bible, as well as with people who do have some background knowledge of the Bible.

It unfolds the Bible’s redemptive story, from Genesis through Revelation, allowing the participant to have his/her own “aha” moments as mysteries of the Bible are progressively revealed through the study. It’s a great “no pressure” way for non- Christian participants to clearly understand the gospel, so that they can sincerely embrace Jesus as Savior.

The Story of Hope for Discipleship

This Bible study workbook is also very helpful in discipleship. Participants learn the overall development of the Bible’s BIG Story, so that they know how it all fits together, while also being equipped to teach it to others.

  • 64 colorful, illustrated pages with plastic coil binding.
  • Study includes 40 events in the Bible’s redemptive story, 20 from the Old Testament and from the 20 New Testament.
  • Also, includes The Chronological Bridge to Life that summarizes the overall story of the Bible in eight words: God - Man - Sin - Death - Christ - Cross - Faith - Life
  • Generous quantity prices.

FREE Leader's Guide

103 Professionally Designed Pages

A leader’s guide for facilitating one-on-one or small group evangelistic or discipleship Bible studies. Contains all of the answers for questions in The Story of Hope, as well as suggestions for handling awkward questions or other situations that may arise during the study.

FREE Leader's Guide

I am working on getting something in place with my church regarding using The Story of Hope. It is a great passion of mine because of what it did for me. I want to get this great tool out there for everyone to use. What you guys do every day is helping a lot. I thank you for what you do. I just got 10 more books and I am giving them to people that I think will make good use of them. I told them if they need more books to work with someone to let me know and I will give them more. My Bible study on Thursday nights where I am doing The Story of Hope is going great. I have such a passion for The Story of Hope. It is what God used to prepare me to open my heart to Jesus.

Russell in NY, trusted Christ as Savior through The Story of Hope

The Way to Joy

A Bible Study Resource for Basic Discipleship

The Way to Joy – This resource was developed for personal or small group discipleship with new believers, or for people who have professed faith in Jesus Christ but have never been discipled—never been taught the basic steps in beginning to follow Jesus Christ.

It begins with a chronological overview of the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation. Then, it introduces the participant to these topics:

  • Assurance and Security of Salvation
  • Reading and Studying the Bible
  • Prayer in the Believer’s Life
  • The Holy Spirit in the Believer’s Life
  • Personal Purity and Holiness
  • Learning to Share Your Faith
  • The Place of the Church in the Believer’s Life
  • Becoming Involved in Serving Jesus
  • Includes perforated Bible memory cards.
  • Includes prayer and Bible reading journal.
  • 64 colorful, beautifully illustrated pages.
  • Plastic coil binding. Generous quantity prices.

FREE Leader’s Guide

44 Professionally Designed Pages

A leader’s guide for facilitating one-on-one or small group discipleship Bible studies. Contains all of the answers for questions in The Way to Joy, as well as suggestions for handling awkward questions or other situations that may arise during the study.

Free Download

I have found the Good Soil materials, The Story of Hope and The Way to Joy, to be excellent for one on one Bible studies. Thank you for presenting God's redemptive plan in a clear and thoughtful way. May God use your materials as a tool to bring many to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Lord!

Anneliese in NY

Reflections from God’s Story of Hope

The Big Story of the Bible in a Book That Looks Good on Your Coffee Table

Reflections unfolds the storyline of the Bible through 50 Old Testament and 50 New Testament events—from Genesis through Revelation.

  • 100 key Bible events organized by 25 major Bible eras.
  • 100 full-page Bible event images.
  • More than 200 pages, 9" x 12".
  • A Bible storybook for all—adults, children, Christians, or non-Christians.
  • For sharing the gospel with your non-Christian friends and neighbors.
  • For deepening believers’ understanding of the Bible’s BIG Story.

Members from New Hope Baptist Church were excited to order copies of Reflections from God’s Story of Hope after hearing a missionary talk about the Good Soil materials available. They want to give Reflections out as Christmas gifts.

Gary, pastor in Rossville, GA (And MANY others have done likewise.)

I love the audio Bible stories with sound effects. Can't wait to get the thumb drive with the files!

Mary Lou, New Port Richey, FL

$20 in Quantities of Eight or More - $40 for One Book, $30 each for Two

We wanted to make Reflections from God’s Story of Hope so attractive that unbelievers, even agnostics, would be happy to have it on their coffee tables. And, that has happened! It is an excellent evangelistic gift that will be well-received.

Chronological Bridge to Life

A simple way to share the BIG Story of the Bible, based upon eight key concepts that emerge chronologically from Genesis through Revelation:

  1. God
  2. Man
  3. Sin
  4. Death
  5. Christ
  6. Cross
  7. Faith
  8. Life

The Chronological Bridge to Life Cards

These playing-size cards are designed to be used in presenting the "ChronoBridge to Life" in personal witnessing.


A walk through the Chronological Bridge to Life

FREE Mobile App

This FREE mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices. It includes a brief (20 Bible-events) presentation of the Bible’s redemptive story, as well as the Chronological Bridge to Life. Install it on your mobile phone or pad and always have a gospel presentation with you for those unexpected opportunities God gives you to share His story of hope with unbelievers.

We are somewhere in the Pacific… maybe halfway to Hawaii. We’re taking a slow (relatively) boat to Hawaii. We’re trying to use this time to rest and recharge. However, the Lord may have other ideas. Yesterday, we attended a Bible study of approximately 30 believers… which somehow I was chosen to lead. Today I will be teaching the Chronological Bridge to Life.

Rhonda shared The Story of Hope with a young lady on the flight to Los Angeles. She is a contestant in American Idol and was genuinely touched. She is definitely following up with her. Stay tuned.

Kevin and Rhonda, business man and his wife in Tennessee

Some Additional Good Soil Resources

For Personally Sharing your Faith and Making Disciples

Two FREE Documents for Worldview
Relevant Evangelism

Worldview Onion Peeling Helps

Download Document

Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs

Download Document

Study the Bible chronologically, in a way that will equip you for effective ministry in a world of competing faiths and cultures.

The Roots of Faith courses were created—specifically—to give Christ-followers the Biblical knowledge they need to share the gospel in a way that any unbeliever can clearly understand and potentially sincerely embrace it. We are sure that The Roots of Faith will increase your confidence and effectiveness in personal evangelism and personal discipleship.

The Roots of Faith courses are three courses in one:

  • Chronological Bible survey courses - Students master the overall chronological framework and core content of the Bible.
  • Biblical theology courses - The Bible’s basic theological concepts are presented as they were progressively revealed, from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22.
  • Worldview apologetics courses - Common non-Christian worldview (“worldview noise”) issues are addressed throughout the courses in order to equip Christ-followers to live and minister in a world of competing faiths and cultures.

The courses also include:

  • Downloadable Bible commentary for each course to provide expert help for all of the Bible passages included in the lessons.
  • Instructor's Guide for each course.
  • Access to online instructional resources for each course.

Additional supplemental resources are available, such as printed and PowerPoint teaching visuals and chronological Bible cards and more.

AND, these are Bible courses you can become certified to teach in your church or other ministry!

Learn More About The Roots of Faith Bible Courses – AND Certification Options

More Good Soil Resources for Evangelism and Discipleship

Good Soil provides an entire toolbox of resources for personal evangelism and discipleship.

For a complete overview of our Good Soil resources:

Good Soil Stories from Personal E&D

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