Gifted Students in Togo Receive the Greatest Gift

The Lycée Scientifique, a special government school in Togo, is home to the top 120 high school students in science and math. These students represent different tribal groups and religions from all over the country. Togo missionary Jane Schmitz had a yearning to reach them with the gospel. After much prayer, she approached the principal of the school and offered a class on The Story of Hope in French. Jane has always had a heart for evangelism and discipleship, and she was a part of the original group that helped launch Good Soil. The principal responded very favorably to the idea, since the materials being used were a study of the Bible, not a religion. 

Gotta Pray the Sinner’s Prayer?

I once ministered in a town where it seems that almost everyone, at some time or another, had “prayed the prayer”—the so-called “sinner’s prayer.” Yet, very few of these people demonstrated any evidence of a genuine Christian life. Often when I shared the gospel with them, they would say: “But, I’ve already done that. I prayed the prayer!” And some would add, “But, it didn’t work for me.” If “praying the prayer” does not save a person, what does? 

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