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Christian pregnancy care centers around the world have used Good Soil Discipleship & Evangelism to good success.

A Bible-based Christian care center provides answers to questions young women face about important decisions they may be struggling with. And there’s another life choice that many of these women need to make, a personal response that will help them with inner peace and hope—eternal hope.

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The Story of Hope

An Evangelistic and Discipleship Bible Study Workbook

The flexibility of The Story of Hope makes it an ideal choice for use in pregnancy care centers.

  • It is time-flexible—can be used in brief presentations or for more in-depth Bible studies.
  • It can be used in group studies, one-on-one studies, or personal take-home studies.

The workbook format of The Story of Hope is designed for participants to be actively engaged in personal Bible study, studying Bible texts for themselves and coming to their own conclusions about God and the Bible and their need of Jesus.

The Story of Hope is an excellent study for women and men facing a crisis pregnancy, regardless of their religious backgrounds or what they know about the Bible. Studies begin in Genesis, where they begin learning about the Creator God who made them and loves them. Then, studies continue through the remainder of the Old Testament and to the end of the New Testament. When properly led, the participant will not feel pressured or coerced to “make a decision.” But, she will be given the opportunity to make a faith response to trust Jesus as her Savior.

64 pages with plastic coil binding. Check out the generous quantity prices.

You do not need a lot of training to lead women in a study of The Story of Hope, because the training and content you need are provided for you in this FREE Leader’s Guide. 103 professionally-designed pages of answers to the questions contained in The Story of Hope and suggestions as to how to deal with some of the common questions you may face, as well as many other tips for making your study successful.

Or, if you are a leader of a pregnancy care center, you might want to use The Story of Hope Class Facilitator Guide in training your staff.

I just finished a The Story of Hope study with a group of women. It was very well received and helped them, many of whom have little Bible knowledge, to understand the whole story. Many of these women are new believers, so it helped to cement their faith. A few unbelievers also attended sporadically, and took the book with them. I want to follow up with these women so they get the whole story. Very exciting! Thanks for your work on this material. It’s great!

Administrative Assistant of a pregnancy care center ministry

The Way to Joy

A Basic Discipleship Bible Study Workbook

The Way to Joy was designed to teach new believers some of the most essential Biblical truths they need to know and to help them establish basic spiritual disciplines they need to begin to practice, soon after receiving Jesus Christ as Savior. The study includes these ten lessons:

  • The Joy of Hope: Knowing God’s Eternal Plan Gives Us Hope
  • The Joy of Eternal Life: Receiving God’s Salvation Gives Us Eternal Life
  • The Joy of Confidence: Having Salvation Assurance and Security Gives Us Confidence
  • The Joy of Guidance: Reading and Studying God’s Word Gives Us Guidance
  • The Joy of Prayer: Praying Brings Us into an Intimate Relationship with God
  • The Joy of God’s Power: The Holy Spirit in Us Gives Us Power to Live for God
  • The Joy of Purity: Obeying God’s Word Helps Us Live Pure Lives that Please God
  • The Joy of Sharing: Sharing the Gospel with Unbelievers Offers Them Hope
  • The Joy of Fellowship: A Bible-Believing Church Provides Us a Place to Grow and Serve
  • The Joy of Service: Understanding God’s Plan for Us Gives Us a Sense of Purpose

Bible memory verse cards, as well as a Bible reading and prayer journal are included.

64 pages with plastic coil binding. Check out the generous quantity prices.

The Leader’s Guide for The Way to Joy contains 44 pages of helps for you as you disciple someone using this Bible study workbook. It is professionally designed and easy to follow. All of the answers and explanations you will need for leading a basic discipleship study are available to you in the guide.

Or, if you are a leader of a pregnancy care center, you might want to use The Way to Joy Class Facilitator Guide in training your staff. It contains complete lesson plans for 13 class sessions, with a goal of equipping your staff to disciple others using The Way to Joy workbook.

Additional Recommended Evangelism and Discipleship Resources For Use in Your Pregnancy Care Ministry

Chronological Bridge to Life Cards

For gospel presentations, summarizing the Bible’s redemptive story, based on eight key gospel truths that emerge chronologically from Genesis through Revelation.

A walk through the Chronological Bridge to Life

Reflections from God’s Story of Hope

Ministry Gift to Share with Clients Who Want to Know and Understand the Bible Better

Reflections unfolds the storyline of the Bible through 50 Old Testament and 50 New Testament events—from Genesis through Revelation.

  • 100 key Bible events organized by 25 major Bible eras.
  • 100 full-page Bible event images.
  • More than 200 pages, 9" x 12".
  • A Bible storybook for all—adults, children, Christians, or non-Christians.

$20 in Quantities of Eight or More - $40 for One Book, $30 each for Two. An excellent gift to give your clients!

Reflections - The Audio Experience

Watch a (2:36) video to see how the Reflections - The Audio Experience audio stories are correlated with the printed and visually illustrated stories in the Reflections from God's Story of Hope coffee table storybook, as well as The Bible's BIG Story Teaching Visuals.

I love the audio Bible stories with sound effects. Can't wait to get the thumb drive with the files!

Mary Lou, New Port Richey, FL

We all want to share our faith effectively…but how do we do it?

Evangelism and Discipleship Training for Pregnancy Care Center Staff

Learn to share the gospel, God’s story of hope, in a way that people will clearly understand it, sincerely embrace it, and hold fast to it.

The top ten takeaways from Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship training:

  • Learn how to initiate conversations that open up to unobtrusive opportunities to share the gospel.
  • Learn how to determine where a person is on his/her level of understanding of the gospel and receptivity to knowing more about salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Learn how to present the truth of the gospel in a way that it isn't misunderstood by the person with whom you are sharing, regardless of his/her religious worldview.
  • Learn how to share God's story of redemption, from Genesis through Revelation, so that the recipient will understand the Biblical context for the good news of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection.
  • Learn how to present the gospel, using the Chronological Bridge to Life.
  • Learn how to share the gospel, using your own faith story.
  • Learn a variety of ways to use The Story of Hope, in evangelism, with confidence.
  • Learn how to use The Way to Joy, in discipling believers who are still weak in their faith.
  • Learn about a wide variety of evangelism and discipleship resources that you may find to be helpful in your ministry.
  • Learn to teach others what you have learned about evangelism and discipleship, and train them to do what you have learned to do through the training you have received.

Good Soil Basic Seminar

Two Days in May or October

More Information

Good Soil Trainer Certification

A Third Day in May or October

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Always, engaging, interactive, and FUN learning.

FREE Book for Pregnancy Care Center Leaders

Gaining Ground with Good Soil is an evangelism and discipleship training narrative—a scaled-down version of the Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship seminar in a narrative format. The principles gained from this book are applicable for anyone wishing to serve God through Biblical evangelism and discipleship, but is especially instructive and helpful for ministry leaders, such as leaders of pregnancy care centers.

The realistic, but fictional narrative, around which the book is developed, tells the story of a couple of missionaries who were frustrated and discouraged—to the point of almost giving up—because of their lack of success in evangelism and discipleship on their field. But, the “Good Soil” principles they learned from Bible study revolutionized their ministries. It will help you think through a theology of evangelism and discipleship and help you to present the gospel so that men and women will clearly understand it, sincerely embrace it, and firmly hold on to it.

Free instructional resources for individual and group study are also available for download.

If you are a pregnancy care center leader, with a USA shipping address, and will commit to reading this book, we will send you a FREE (and postage-free) copy of Gaining Ground with Good Soil.

Evelyn Stone

Life Matters Worldwide

Evelyn Stone is Life Matters Worldwide's international training consultant. She founded New Life Prenatal Center in Lima, Peru, and has traveled to India, Liberia, Kenya, and the Philippines to conduct pregnancy care center training seminars, as well as in many Latin American countries – where most of her ministry is.

Evelyn also trains missionaries how to establish pro-life ministries on their fields of service. She uses and promotes Good Soil E&D training materials and ministry resources.

More Good Soil Resources for Evangelism and Discipleship

Good Soil provides an entire toolbox of resources for pregnancy care ministries and many others.

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