How Many Stories in the Bible?

How many unique events or stories are there in the Bible? It's impossible to answer for sure, since it's often difficult to determine where one event or story begins and another one ends. But any way you look at it, there are hundreds of events (true stories) in the Bible, probably between 600 to 800 of them. So how did we determine which Bible events should be selected to best summarize God's Big Story in The Story of Hope, if the limit was 40 events? 

Making Evangelism & Discipleship a Priority in Your Life

Many of us make lists of to-be-done tasks that are important to us, so that we will not forget to do them. No tasks are eternally more important than sharing the gospel with our unsaved friends, family members, and other acquaintances or assisting Christian friends who need to be encouraged and mentored in maturing as followers of Jesus Christ. Our Good Soil Personal E-List and D-List Card was created to help us keep our focus on these two Great Commission tasks. 

Gotta Pray the Sinner’s Prayer?

I once ministered in a town where it seems that almost everyone, at some time or another, had “prayed the prayer”—the so-called “sinner’s prayer.” Yet, very few of these people demonstrated any evidence of a genuine Christian life. Often when I shared the gospel with them, they would say: “But, I’ve already done that. I prayed the prayer!” And some would add, “But, it didn’t work for me.” If “praying the prayer” does not save a person, what does? 

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