BibleStorying by a Five-Year-Old

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Little Tracy Joy’s (T.J.) voice coming from next door caught her mother’s attention. Lea crept next door to her mother’s house and peeked in. What she heard and saw brought her tremendous joy and pride. There was T.J. telling her very first Bible story to her grandmother, her step-grandfather, and her uncle’s girlfriend. How was a five-year-old kindergarten student able to clearly and concisely communicate the story of Jesus from His crucifixion to His ascension? She was using her story board from her Sunday school class that morning.

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Lea teaches the children’s Sunday school in a new church started in the Quezon Province in the Philippines. Lea was trained by missionary Steve Deal to use Adventures in the Story of Hope (ATSOH). ATSOH is a high quality, thorough curriculum for teaching children God’s redemptive story from beginning to end. A children’s adaption of The Story of Hope, it provides 41 lesson plans complete with memory verses, songs, fun ways to tell each story, activities, and more. There is even a unique way for children to retell the story to their family and friends, which is what T.J. was doing.

T.J. has always been excited for Sunday to come because she loves hearing the Bible story her mother shares with the neighborhood kids each week. After telling the story, going over the memory verse, and then story boarding the lesson, Lea has each of the kids draw what they remember from the story. She then has them put their name on it and challenges them to take it home and share the story with family members and anyone else willing to listen. After listening to them, they can ask the person to sign their drawing. The child with the most signatures the next week is rewarded with some chocolate.

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T.J. had listened intently to the stories and she was now ready to take the next step. Her drawing for the week included the last few weeks of Bible stories and clearly showed Jesus’ death on the cross, His burial and resurrection, and his return to Heaven. She boldly and confidently recounted these now to her family members. She was so happy to show her mother her first three signatures.

Through the use of ATSOH, boys and girls around the world are learning the true story of God’s plan to redeem them to Himself and learning to tell that story to others. ATSOH is available as a free download. Other wonderful resources that can help you teach the Bible chronologically to children are also available for sale.


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