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Checklist for Evaluating Your Homeschool Bible Class Resources

  • The Bible curriculum resources I use engage students in meaningful, thought-provoking Bible study and do not rely primarily on fill-in-the-blanks, rote memory, and simplistic questions.
  • In addition to teaching essential Bible content, students comprehend and grasp the one BIG story of the Bible that connects all of the other stories and events of the Bible—they learn how the Bible fits together.
  • As students continue through their Bible classes, they see how the redemptive story unfolds from Genesis through Revelation and gain a clear understanding of the gospel—including, the overall Biblical-historical context that makes the death and resurrection of Jesus more meaningful to them.
  • My Bible classes do not just "feel" academic—they are evangelistic and discipleship oriented and equip students for making disciples.
  • Students learn how to share God's story of hope in a world of competing faiths and cultures.

How many of the above characteristics could you check off?

Distinctives of Good Soil Resources:

  • Good Soil Resources are Chronological - Focused on God's redemptive story as it unfolds chronologically from Genesis through Revelation.
  • Good Soil Resources are Visual - Illustrated with high quality images from the Good Soil Redemptive Story Art Series, specially created for Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship.
  • Good Soil Resources are Flexible - Adaptable for evangelism and discipleship with a variety of ages, in various worldview cultures, and for use in a variety of available-time settings.
  • Good Soil Resources are Biblical - Based upon a Biblical theology of evangelism and discipleship, developed from the teachings of Jesus and the practices of the apostles and the early Church.

Resources for Elementary Students

The Story of Hope - Kids

The Story of Hope - Kids workbook is a chronological Bible study for kids, approximately ages 8-12. It is designed to help kids understand the BIG story of redemption, from Genesis through Revelation—a perspective that very few other ministry resources provide for children. The workbook contains one page for each of 40 Bible-event lessons, including an image from the Good Soil Redemptive Art Series and questions that get kids digging into the Bible texts for themselves. Also, the Chronological Bridge to Life is presented in an eight-page sequence. There's a Personal Faith Response page too.

Questions and map activities engage kids to read and think, rather than just rotely memorize. This workbook is bright and colorful and beautifully illustrated.

64 pages, Plastic Coil Bound

One lady who went to Sunday school as a child, but never truly trusted Jesus as her Savior, was being led through an evangelistic Bible study based on the adult version of The Story of Hope. She commented:

Why didn't they teach the Bible like this to me when I was in Sunday school? If they had done so, I might have understood it and become a true believer.

Adventures in The Story of Hope

FREE Bible Curriculum

Approximately 400 pages of lesson plans for teaching 48 Bible lessons—40 Bible-event lessons and eight Chronological Bridge to Life lessons. The lessons unfold the BIG Story of the Bible, chronologically from beginning to end, focusing on God's redemptive story. As students learn about major Bible events, they also learn how all of them are connected around the one BIG Story.

Lessons include many creative activities to engage kids in active learning: questions, games, songs, crafts, drama, “My Story of Hope” activities, memory verses, and other Bible learning activities. Also, a complete set of coloring sheets, one per each of the 40 Bible event lessons.

Great resource for your home school!

Sample Pages

Kids Sing

The Story of Hope

Twelve songs to accompany the study of The Story of Hope - Kids. Created to help kids understand and remember the Bible events in the workbook, as well as the eight chronological gospel concepts.

Two-CD set; one CD with voices; other, soundtrack only.

Kids Worship

The God of the Big Story

Twelve songs, including "The God of the Big Story," "Come Let Us Sing," "Shout for Joy," "Transcendent God," "We Believe," "Tell the World of Jesus," "Doxology 21," and others.

Single CD - sung by ensemble of kids.

The Way to Joy - Kids

The Way to Joy - Kids is a basic discipleship Bible study workbook for kids, approximately ages 8-12. If your students have made professions of faith in Jesus Christ, the next step is obviously discipleship. If you have not done so already, we recommend that you take them through The Story of Hope - Kids. But the next step beyond that would be The Way to Joy - Kids.

The Way to Joy - Kids includes ten lessons on basic truths that every young believer needs to know and some key spiritual disciplines that every Christian needs to practice. It is bright, it is colorful, it is beautifully illustrated with images that kids relate to. And, it includes a Bible reading and prayer journal to accompany the weeks of the discipleship study.

64 pages, Plastic Coil Bound.

We all want to share our faith effectively…but how do we do it?

Resources for Junior High and Senior High Students

The Story of Hope Bible Class

No boring sessions in this study!

  • Students are constantly engaged in active learning, as they study the Bible from Genesis through Revelation in 31 class sessions (or more or less).

  • Underlying the teaching of the Bible’s BIG Story in this study, students are also being equipped to use The Story of Hope to lead others through the study.

  • The 120-page professionally designed Class Facilitator’s Guide is available as a FREE download.

  • A professionally designed PowerPoint with 400+ slides is also available for class facilitators.

  • FREE access to an online Instructor’s Resource Center for teaching The Story of Hope Class.

The Way to Joy Bible Class

A fun way to teach a basic discipleship class and train believers to make disciples.

No boring sessions in this study either!

  • Students learn best when they are having FUN, and this study combines learning with FUN, so the truth sticks!
  • Thirteen (or more) class sessions covering topics essential for basic, foundational discipleship.
  • Great for baptism or new converts or new members classes, but for equipping disciplemakers as well.
  • The final session is called “It’s Your Time” in which students are challenged to put into practice what they have learned, by discipling someone else.
  • The 42-page professionally designed Class Facilitator’s Guide is available as a FREE download.
  • FREE access to the online Instructor’s Resource Center for The Way to Joy Bible class.

Resources for Elementary AND Secondary Students

The Bible's Big Story Teaching Visuals

The Bible's BIG Story Teaching Visuals - Set of 105

Set of 105 laminated, double-sided teaching visuals for teaching the Bible's redemptive story, from Genesis through Revelation.


Look Inside +

13.5" x 10.75" laminated printed teaching visuals. Key Bible event content on the back, event image on the front. 105 teaching visuals, 50 Old Testament, and 50 New Testament, plus five that work especially for ministry with Muslims. Great for teaching kids (and, adults too!) the BIG Story of the Bible that begins in Genesis and culminates in Revelation. Same images and key content as the Chronological Bible Cards—essentially big versions of those pocket-size cards. See below.

Chronological Bible Cards: Genesis — Revelation

ChronoBible Cards: Genesis-Revelation

A complete set of 135 pocket-size cards (4.5" x 3.375") for learning and reviewing the content and chronology of the Bible's Big Story.


Look Inside +

Pocket-size cards for learning and reviewing 100 key Bible events as they appear chronologically from Genesis through Revelation. Each Bible event card contains an image from the Good Soil Redemptive Story art collection on the front and key content information on the back. 25 major Bible era cards and 10 Chronological Bridge to Life cards included.

Reflections from God’s Story of Hope

Reflections unfolds the storyline of the Bible through 50 Old Testament and 50 New Testament events—from Genesis through Revelation.

  • 100 key Bible events organized by 25 major Bible eras.
  • 100 full-page Bible event images.
  • More than 200 pages, 9" x 12".
  • A Bible storybook for all—adults, children, Christians, or non-Christians.

$20 in Quantities of Eight or More - $40 for One Book, $30 each for Two. An excellent gift to give your students!

Reflections - The Audio Experience

Watch a (2:36) video to see how the Reflections - The Audio Experience audio stories are correlated with the printed and visually illustrated stories in the Reflections from God's Story of Hope coffee table storybook, as well as The Bible's BIG Story Teaching Visuals.

Hooks for Hanging the Bible’s Storyline

Teach students—in just a few hours— to be able to think their way through the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation.

Every movie or novel has a central storyline, a plot. Even children from age six and up can learn the BIG storyline of the Bible, using 25 “Hooks”—major eras of the Bible. And the activities are FUN for students of all ages, even the teachers.

A great set of resources for use in your ministry with children

The 12 "Hooks" for Hanging the Old Testament Storyline

The 1 + 12 "Hooks" for Hanging the New Testament Storyline

My latest Hooks for Hanging the Bible’s Storyline workshop was last Saturday in a Bible study in the home of the owner of Sam Ash Music Stores in Bayonne, NJ. Several very diverse cultures were represented in the group (Filipino, Russian, German, American, African, Hispanic, Arab, and Jewish). They were amazed and enjoyed it - and everyone understood. Some said, “I finally got it!” “I’ll read my Bible again.”

Ariel, Filipino visiting in New Jersey

The Roots of Faith Bible Courses

Chronological Bible curriculum, unfolding the BIG Story of the Bible in 100 events and packed with FUN learning activities.

Group of students
This group of public school Bible club students (junior high and senior high) traveled to ABWE from Wichita, Kansas to attend The Roots of Faith.

Students will learn…

  • Much of the key content in the Old and New Testaments.
  • The chronology of 25 major Bible eras and 100 key Bible events.
  • The geographic locations of many places where Bible events occurred.
  • The BIG Story of the Bible and how it progresses from Genesis through Revelation.

BRING your junior high, senior high, or upper elementary students to The Roots of Faith courses in June - near Harrisburg PA.
Ask us about a group rate.

Or, teach them yourself in your home school.

How can you be certified to teach The Roots of Faith Courses?

Option One: Participate in The Roots of Faith Courses

Full Certification

Image of a TROF OT Class at ABWE - FUN Learning

Image of a TROF NT Class at ABWE - Interactive & Engaging Learning

Or, Option Two: Purchase The Roots of Faith Instructor’s Kits

Provisional Certification

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