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House Church in Quezon Using Bible Storying to Flourish and Grow

Eighteen individuals were baptized in the month leading up to Christmas! All of them had been introduced to the gospel through the chronological Bible storytelling that the house church in Quezon province focuses on and teaches all their members, even the children, to participate in.

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The Story of Hope Zoom Meeting Sees Great Results in Bogota

Dan & Jennifer Mee have long been using The Story of Hope as a key part of their church planting efforts in Bogota, Colombia, with great effectiveness and results. When Covid hit, as was the case in much of the world, the country went into lockdown. Churches could no longer meet, and bible studies were interrupted. As the world resorted to virtual communication, Dan also got creative and visionary. He publicized and invited anyone interested in studying the Bible to participate in a weekly Zoom meeting beginning the first Thursday of May. The response was beyond his expectations.

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Relentless Pursuit: Staying at It 'til Jesus Comes: 12th Essential for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

The biggest challenge pastors face in leading a church in becoming TRULY evangelistic is not getting started, it’s avoiding stopping. It’s the DNF syndrome—“Did Not Finish”—that foils THE Mission.

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Strategic Simplicity: Trimming the "Less Important" from Your Church: 11th Essential for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

Many evangelical churches have added so many auxiliary programs and activities that they run out of steam before getting to the main things. What’s the answer? Strategic simplicity!

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