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Bible Students' Lives Changed by The Story of Hope

It began as just the next lesson in The Story of Hope. For several weeks, Pastor Dennis Nkosi of Crossroads Community of Christ Church in Durban, South Africa, had been teaching a group of sixteen students, including two pastors. That Monday night, the group studied the event of the bronze serpent in the wilderness. The Israelites had rebelled in unbelief against God, and He punished them in judgment with deadly serpent bites. When the people confessed their sin and Moses prayed for deliverance, God provided a way to be saved from death. They needed to look and respond to God in faith in order to be restored. During the lesson, there was a palpable tension in the room. The students left the room that night clearly troubled...

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12 Essentials for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

The Church's REAL Mission: Third Essential for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

A local church’s mission must TRULY be the Great Commission. Just using the “Great Commission” as a pious platitude is not enough. If a church ministry researcher, an objective outsider, visited every service and activity of your church for one month, what would he or she report is the TRUE mission of your church?

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Hey, I Didn't Sign Up to Home School!

Our hats go off to parents who have the education, commitment, and/or courage to teach their children at home. I know one mom who has eight children she is homeschooling! However, we’re not all cut out of the same cloth, nor do we feel equipped to teach our children. But with Covid-19 social distancing restrictions put on us today, many parents are having to do something for which they did not sign up. Many are thrust into this responsibility, signed up or not and they are doing their best. The leadership of Grace Baptist Church wanted to help those parents...

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Covid-19: Where is God? Is Evangelism on Hold? How We Can Help?: Where is God During the Covid-19 Crisis?

God is right where He always is: “God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne.” He has not left; He has not forgotten us. We can still say with the prophet who wrote 2700 years ago, “The Lord is good...

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