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Leading Your Church in E&D

Evangelism: You Till, You Plant, and Hopefully You Reap

My Daddy was a farmer when I was a young kid. We were a subsistence farming family, which means we pretty much lived off the crops and livestock my parents raised. Some of my earliest memories are of tilling – planting – reaping.

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Good Soil – From Honeymoon to Serving Overseas

Danil and Alla T. both grew up in Christian families that immigrated to the United States. Alla came to the U.S. from the Ukraine when she was 5 and Danil from Russia as a teenager. Both were interested in missions and participated in several mission trips, believing the Great Commission was part of their responsibility as followers of Jesus Christ.

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Snapshots of Transformed Lives

Jorge’s wife had been a believer for 30 years. She had prayed for his salvation every day. They lived next door to the Baptist church in Peru that she attended, but he had refused to ever set foot in it. God had blessed her family and their two children had made faith responses to the gospel, her son even becoming a pastor. Through all those years, Jorge constantly ridiculed their faith and gave them much grief for following Jesus Christ.

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How to Share Your Faith

Leading People To Jesus: One Step at a Time

I grew up in a culture where I learned to believe in God from my earliest years of childhood. In my little preschool Sunday school class I heard that sin was disobeying God. I heard stories about Jesus and believed them to be historically true. But somewhere along the upward path of faith-steps, I stopped and remained stuck for several years.

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