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Studying The Story of Hope with High School Friends

The appropriate moment presented itself to Carter, when God opened a door of opportunity during one of his band periods at his high school in Texas. One of his good friends, Cody, had some questions about the Bible. As Carter answered them, Cody continued to show interest.

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What is Good Soil E&D

How Receptive are Your Unbelieving Friends to the Gospel?

When you begin to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with an unbelieving (non-Christian) acquaintance, which of the above facial expressions appears on his or her face? And what do you do? Do you stop at a “red light” or plow recklessly ahead? Do you run through a “yellow light” or maybe stop just assuming it’s turning yellow? Do you cruise appropriately through a “green light,” or perhaps slow down and stop even though the light is green? In other words, how do we and how should we respond to various receptivity signs flashed at us when we attempt to tell unbelievers about Jesus and the salvation he offers them?

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The Power of Telling God's Great Story

Everyone loves a good story. Stories have always been and continue to be central to human cognition and communication. Through a story, you can teach, persuade, and even bring understanding of oneself. Since each person’s life is a story, we are drawn to stories because we see ourselves reflected in them. For that reason, stories can have a powerful impact on human beings.

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How Much of the Gospel Do Your Unbelieving Friends Understand?

How clearly do unbelievers in North America understand the gospel of Jesus Christ and its potential significance for them? I’m convinced that Christians generally assume that their unbelieving friends know more about the gospel, and understand what they do know, much better than they really do know and understand it.

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