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12 Essentials for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

Twelve Essentials for a TRULY Evangelistic Church: 2nd Essential: Lay-Evangelism Leadership

Lay leadership buy-in is important – no, it’s essential. This is the pastor’s first and possibly most challenging task. Peer leadership, or should I call it pew leadership, adds credibility to pastoral leadership in essential Christian tasks such as personal evangelism.

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Filipino Police Force Being Ministered to with Good Soil Resources

Joseph Blasco and his wife Evangeline were Christian schoolteachers in the Rizal province of the Philippine when they were introduced to the Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship training. It had an immediate impact on them, and they became actively engaged in making disciples and passing on the training to others. At their own church, Emmanuel Baptist in Taytay, they trained many of their fellow members with some incredible results...

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Use The Story of Hope for Personal Bible Study

Missionary Steve Deal suggests using The Story of Hope for personal devotional study. Others have used it in that way and have found it to be an enriching experience. You can order your copy now. We are shipping during the COVID 19 crisis.

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Leading Your Church in E&D · 12 Essentials for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

Twelve Essentials for a TRULY Evangelistic Church: 1st Essential: The Pastor

The pastor MUST model, lead, and drive the ministry of evangelism. It is too important to ignore or to delegate to an associate. Period. Exclamation point! Rarely, if ever, will you find a TRULY evangelistic church that is led in evangelism from the lay level up, or even from an associate staff level up.

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