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Sharing Hope with Dad

My husband, Phil, and I serve as missionaries with ABWE in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Our original plans were to return to the U.S. this November for furlough, but due to possible unrest in the country we had moved up our departure date to September. Another major factor in our decision was the well-being of my father, Gerald. His health had been declining for some time, and over the past year and a half he had been struggling with a great deal of pain followed by weight loss. Although we had called home many times asking my parents, “Should we come home now?”, they had always answered, “No, not yet.” 

Making Evangelism & Discipleship a Priority in Your Life

Many of us make lists of to-be-done tasks that are important to us, so that we will not forget to do them. No tasks are eternally more important than sharing the gospel with our unsaved friends, family members, and other acquaintances or assisting Christian friends who need to be encouraged and mentored in maturing as followers of Jesus Christ. Our Good Soil Personal E-List and D-List Card was created to help us keep our focus on these two Great Commission tasks. 

The Story of Hope Goes to Bat in Little League - Then, on to Papua New Guinea

I met Lawrence and his family through a local fellowship of believers my family was a part of for a few years. He is a Filipino, who moved to Papua New Guinea as a child, and then immigrated to the United States. Lawrence was also his district's Little League director and two of his kids played in the league. Most of the games in this league were on Sunday mornings, and Lawrence had a desire to honor the Lord even during the season. He asked me if I had any ideas. 

Set your country and language

We will add support for new countries and languages in the future.