Christmas – Evangelistic Discussion Openers

What’s the most popular American holiday? If the answer to that question is based on how many greeting cards are sent for the holiday, it’s Christmas and no other holiday even comes close. Hallmark says that 1.6 billion Christmas cards are sent per year, more than ten times as many Valentine’s cards. Initially, Christmas was popular because of the theological significance of the event it represented—the birth of our Savior, Jesus the Christ. Although the original meaning of Christmas has become overshadowed by tinsel, Santa, and presents under the tree, most non-Christians in North American have enough “Christmas spirit” to listen to the deeper “old fashion” meaning of Christmas—a key event in the gospel story. 

The Story of Hope ESL Classes with Chinese Moms

Chris and Rose Duryee are ABWE missionaries in Spain. While on pre-field in the Pacific Northwest, they sought out a church life group to be involved with to expand their contacts and partnership opportunities. They joined one that met together for fellowship and Bible study three Tuesdays each month and on the fourth Tuesday helped serve meals at the local community center. Shortly after joining, the group began to pray and search for a way to serve in their community that would better fit their growing families. One of the wives mentioned that she had met several Chinese moms at a park near her home, and another said she had a Chinese neighbor who was expecting her first baby. 

Sharing God’s Story of Hope as You Teach ESL

This article is intended for two groups of ESL facilitators/teachers. Group one is composed of the teachers of ESL who would like to use various features of The Story of Hope – Global English (TSOH-GE) in their ESL instruction. The second group is composed of the facilitators/teachers who plan to also use the “Teacher’s Guide for Use in Intermediate to Advanced ESL Classes for The Story of Hope Bible Study (TGUESL).” This ESL Teacher’s Guide is available as a FREE download. 

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