Good Soil Training Used to Train Latin American Missionaries to Reach the World

Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship (GSED) training was initially developed to equip ABWE missionaries for worldview relevant evangelism and discipleship in a broad range of cross-cultural settings around the world. It quickly expanded to include national church leaders in those countries in which ABWE serves and partners. Now those missionaries and national leaders are in turn training nationals who are seeking to go forth with the gospel... 

The Story of Hope Zoom Meeting Sees Great Results in Bogota

Dan & Jennifer Mee have long been using The Story of Hope as a key part of their church planting efforts in Bogota, Colombia, with great effectiveness and results. When Covid hit, as was the case in much of the world, the country went into lockdown. Churches could no longer meet, and bible studies were interrupted. As the world resorted to virtual communication, Dan also got creative and visionary. He publicized and invited anyone interested in studying the Bible to participate in a weekly Zoom meeting beginning the first Thursday of May. The response was beyond his expectations. 

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