Kids Sing the Story of Hope CDs

Kids Sing the Story of Hope is a 2-CD set support resource for the Adventures in the Story of Hope curriculum. The 12 songs are kid-tested kid-approved fun ways to retell the story time after time as they sing the catchy tunes. Each song has a theme chorus which ties several Bible events together. Each verse recaps an event. Two of the songs (God's Big Story and The Chrono Bridge Song) help kids learn the eight essential elements of the Gospel. CD 1 includes all 12 songs with kids and adults singing their way through the Bible. CD 2 is only instrumental, which allows a group that has learned the songs to use it as a background accompaniment.

Lyrics for all 12 Kids Sing the Story of Hope Songs

Listen to Clips of Each Song

01 - God's Big Story
02 - Go And Tell The Story
03 - That Slithery Snake
04 - What They Needed
05 - God Told Abraham
06 - Faith
07 - Sing of The King
08 - Look
09 - Final Days
10 - Something to Proclaim
11 - What Does The Future Hold
12 - ChronoBridge Song

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