Grandfather Teaches His Grandson the "BIG Story" of the Bible

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I have been using Good Soil materials since being introduced to them in 2005. Over the years, the Lord has allowed me to disciple over 20 individuals using these resources. This past year was one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences doing so. My daughter homeschools her three boys and requested that I teach them their Bible class. I agreed and immediately thought of using The Story of Hope. I decided to use the Story of Hope Kids edition as it seemed like the perfect opportunity to disciple my grandsons.

Due to my heavy travel schedule, we try to meet for Bible class every Friday that I am in town. The boys did not seem that motivated at first, and I felt like I was dragging the train along to try to gain some momentum. After about 10 lessons though, they really began to catch on quickly. Although they already had a good Bible background, they now were beginning to see the BIG picture. I even had to hold them back a bit as we began to build the storyline of redemption. When we began studying the New Testament events, they really saw how these stories were linked. What a joy to see my grandsons grasp how the Bible fits together to tell one BIG story! I loved seeing the lights come on as they connected the dots.

The biggest blessing in all of this happened right before Christmas. My youngest grandson came to me and asked to talk privately before we started our class. He shared with me that he had trusted Jesus as his Savior that week. The Story of Hope is indeed that, a story that provides a platform to unfold the greatest story of all, God’s offer of salvation to all who believe! I praise God for how studying The Story of Hope Kids has brought one grandson to salvation through a genuine faith response and has helped my other grandsons understand how the Old and New Testament are telling the same wonderful story.

This story was recently shared by Tim Weeks, the Director of Missionary Care for Baptist Church Planters. Tim and his wife Marsha previously served almost 20 years as missionaries in France.

Many adults who have grown up in church and then studied The Story of Hope have wondered why the stories of the Bible were not presented this way to them as children. The Story of Hope Kids is designed to teach/clarify the gospel of Jesus Christ to children and lead them to a personal faith response or to clarify a faith response they may have made previously through the study of God’s redemptive plan and the ChronoBridge. Kids can read and work through it themselves, or it can serve as an excellent resource for parents and ministry workers to lead them through. There is a free Leader’s Guide that can be downloaded and used for this purpose.

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