Eight Words Summarize the Bible’s BIG Story

Pastor Ron Berrus was mowing his lawn—a “mindless task,” he called it—when his mind began to focus on a sermon series he wanted to preach. “How few words could be used to summarize the overall redemptive story of the Bible?” That was the question that occupied Ron as he pushed the mower back and forth around his lawn. Before he finished the lawn, a sequence of eight words formed in his mind—each of which became the basis for one sermon in a series of sermons that summarized the BIG Story of the Bible, the Bible’s metanarrative, from Genesis One through the end of the Book of Revelation. 

Evangelism – For the Biblically Uninformed

With evangelism—“one size” does NOT fit all! “One size fits all,” in many industries, is an audacious claim that may not deliver what it promises. Often, people on both ends of the large-small spectrum end up being frustrated. “One size fits all” evangelism training programs and resources are common too. But, the consequences for a “misfit” with a gospel presentation can be much more serious than mere frustration; the consequences can be eternally damning. 

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