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Good Soil E&D in a Local Church

We often say that Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship (E&D) is not a program—it’s a theology of evangelism and discipleship for which we have created some complementary implementation resources. In our training and promotions, we have resisted the term “program” because it often connotes a firmly fixed set of steps that, if followed, will automatically produce good results. That said, here are some general ideas that should be considered in the process of forming a customized local church program based upon Good Soil theology and resources: 

End-Focus for The Story of Hope

Evangelistic chronological Bible teaching resources all begin with the creation account in Genesis. They continue through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the gospels, but many of them stop there. Our Good Soil E&D resources (The Story of Hope and The Roots of Faith, for example) cover key events in the Bible’s redemptive story from the creation account in Genesis 1 & 2 through the establishment of the eternal state in Revelation 21 & 22. Why did we choose to include key events that go beyond the resurrection of Christ? 

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