Solid Biblical Training for Ugandan and Sudanese Pastors

Hundreds of pastors around the world have very limited access to the pastoral and biblical training they crave and need to effectively lead their churches. One of the primary goals of Reaching Africa’s Unreached (RAU) is to instruct church leaders from Uganda, South Sudan, and the Republic of (North) Sudan who can faithfully teach others.

Uganda TROF group

Good Soil was recently able to partner again with RAU to provide the Roots of Faith New Testament course to over 60 of these pastors. Most of these pastors had taken the Old Testament course last year. The Roots of Faith is a chronological Bible survey that traces the unfolding of God's progressive revelation of major theological concepts, especially those theological truths that are closely related to mankind's spiritual needs and God's plan of salvation.

Uganda TROF Era cards editted

For six days we were able to teach and commune with these pastors who are passionate about learning the word of God in order to faithfully pass it on to their congregations. For most of these men, ranging in age from 20s to 70s, the training they receive at RAU is the only Bible training they have access to. One of the pastors, whose brother passed away from a tragic motorcycle accident on Sunday, traveled over two hours to attend the initial Monday night session and then traveled back early the next morning to attend the funeral. He shared that he didn’t want to miss any of the valuable training. On Sunday, our team was able to drive into the Metu Mountains and speak and participate in a joint service of the churches where some of the pastors minister.

Uganda TROF student workbooks

Reaching Africa's Unreached staff told us that the pastors get especially excited about Good Soil trainings because of how interactive and fun they find the learning, and how easy it is to then teach the material to others. Hundreds of people who have taken part of these courses in the United States and around the world would agree. You and others from your church or ministry can also benefit from it. The Roots of Faith courses are offered stateside every June at ABWE headquarters. You can learn more and register for the classes here:

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