Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship is a ministry of ABWE – the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism.

Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship (E&D) began in 2005 in order to equip ABWE missionaries for worldview relevant evangelism and discipleship in a broad range of cross-cultural settings, throughout North America and around the world. Soon after Good Soil began, pastors and other leaders from North American churches and missionaries from other mission agencies began to be interested in Good Soil training and resources. And we have always welcomed these opportunities to share Good Soil training with theologically like-minded churches and other ministry organizations.  As a result of this interest from many churches and other parachurch ministries, our vision for Good Soil has broadened to embrace a wider array of worldview relevant ministry opportunities.

Currently, Good Soil training and resources are being used in many countries by North American missionaries representing numerous mission agencies.  But some of the greatest impact worldwide is being accomplished through (not-North American) national believers who utilize Good Soil training and resources through their own initiatives.

Eight Essential Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship Distinctives

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Biblical and Theological Foundation

  • GSED leaders continue to deepen our Biblical and theological roots
  • Continue to expose our resources to Biblical and theological critique
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Worldview Relevance

  • GSED leaders continue to deepen our worldviews understanding
  • Apply worldview thinking to training and resource development
  • Continue to expose our resources to critique or worldview expertise
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Priority Baseline of Transferable Training

  • Emphasize the priority of training
  • Explore ways to expand our training reach
  • Expand our pool of Master Trainers
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Focused (Understand-Embrace-Retain) Resource Development

  • Maintain our focus on: U-E-R
  • Matthew 12:23 - Understands the Gospel
  • Mark 4:20 - Embraces the Gospel
  • Luke 8:15 - Retains the Gospel
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Selective Niche Marketing, Guerrilla Style

  • Select target-niches where GSED is most needed
  • Strategically and selectively choose where to invest marketing funds
  • Be alert to and take advantage of inexpensive marketing opportunities
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Double Vision with a Single Focus

  • International - don’t get sidetracked from our original purpose
  • North America - don’t lose sight of our opportunities to help North American believers and churches
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Missional-Business Balance

  • Develop and follow sound business practices
  • But don’t let business overshadow missions
  • Balance what we give away and what we sell
  • Establish price points based on cultural economic realities
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Professional Excellence (with a missional motive)

  • Standard = don’t let quality issues become an obstacle to reaching elite professionals in any field
  • Guiding question = How will Good Soil be viewed and recieved by professional educators, and trainers, theologians, designers, musicians, artists, videographers, etc?

Good Soil Minute

Our Leadership

20210420 Thomas Gil

Gil Thomas

Executive Director of Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship Ministries

Gil grew up attending Bethel Baptist Church in Erie, Pennsylvania, and at the age of 12 trusted Christ as Savior. Filled immediately with desired to serve Him, Gil worked for six years at Bethany Baptist Camp in western New York, serving as junior counselor, dishwasher, program director, lifeguard and finally as the assistant director. It was there that his love for ministry was born and cultivated, which led him to Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania.

Gil was heavily involved in music while at BBC. He sang in the Concert Choir, Chamber Singers and also playing and singing in the Collegians Brass Quintet. After his sophomore year, he spent a year away from school, traveling with the Quintet. During that year God impressed upon him the need for church planting, so when he returned to school he majored in missions. During his last two years, Gil served as part-time pastor of youth and music in Binghamton.

After graduation in 1982, Gil served as an interim pastor for seven months before going to Grand Rapids, MI, where he studied at the Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary, and then entered the Calvary Baptist School of Church Ministries. It was at Calvary that Gil met Denise and they were married in 1983.

After the year-long internship at Calvary, Gil and Denise joined ABWE in 1984. They began their first term of missionary service in 1986. During the next 23 years, Gil was integrally involved in starting 4 churches in Portugal and served as the Team Leader 14 of those years. He helped to start GDL (Leadership Development Group, ABWE’s Bible and Pastoral Training Schools in Portugal), served as chairman of its board and taught several classes. Also during his service in Portugal, Gil helped to train missionaries in European countries. During his time as a missionary, Gil received a Master of Ministry degree, graduating with highest honors.

From its inception in 2004, Gil has been involved in the Core Ministries Institute of ABWE; planning curriculum, teaching, and administering. In 2008, Gil brought his experience in working with teams and training missionaries to Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship.

As the Executive Director of Good Soil Ministries, he trains people all over the world and develops evangelism and discipleship resources. Two of his books are Gaining Ground with Good Soil and Reflections from God’s Story of Hope. He received a Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership Training from Clarks Summit University in 2016.

Southwells picture 2

Randy Southwell

Overseas Director of Good Soil Ministries

Randy grew up as a third generation missionary kid in Brazil and Portugal, but it wasn't until he attended Cedarville College in 1989 that he sensed the Lord leading him to the mission field as well. At Cedarville he met Sarah. Sarah grew up at Emmanuel Baptist Church of Toledo, OH, attending the Christian school there.

After they were married, Randy pursued his Master of Divinity at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary. During the next four years they were the junior high youth leaders at their church, Grandville Baptist, and had two girls Victoria (1994) and Elaina (1997).

In 1997 they joined ABWE and in 1999 headed to the field of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil with their daughters and son, Lucas who was born during pre-field in 1998. For 18 years they served as church planters in south Brazil. During this time, their second son Zachary was born in 2004 in Brazil. Randy was also involved in leadership training and it was in Brazil they were first exposed to Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship. The training and resources were a key part of their latter years of ministry in Brazil and yielded much fruit. Randy began to be involved in training others around Brazil.

In 2018 Randy joined the Good Soil team. As the Midwest Trainer the Southwell's reside in Grand Rapids, MI. Randy trains people all over the Midwest, at ABWE's home office several times a year, and missionaries and nationals around the world.

If you would be interested in having the Good Soil training done in your area you can contact him at or

20210422 Levy Dave

David Levy

North American Director of Good Soil Ministries

David is a first-generation Christian. Raised Jewish, he came to faith in Christ as a high school senior at FaithWay Baptist, Ypsilanti, MI. While attending Northland Baptist Bible College, he sensed the Lord's leading in pastoral ministry. At Northland, he met Glorianne. Glorianne grew up at Bible Baptist Church, Terre Haute, IN, attending the Christian school there.

After they were married, they served in various pastoral ministries for twenty-four years. The Lord has blessed them with four children: Alyssa (1990), Abby (1993), David (1995), and Anne (2000). After serving in pastoral roles for ten years, the Lord led David to pursue his Master of Divinity at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Minneapolis, MN. After graduating from seminary, David served for an additional fourteen years in pastoral ministry.

As a senior pastor, David attended a Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship Seminar. He embraced the Good Soil philosophy, used the Good Soil resources, and saw God use them to bring adults to Christ, follow in believer's baptism, and join their church. In 2019, the Lord directed David and Glorianne to join ABWE in the Good Soil department. He is excited to come alongside pastors and churches to encourage them to fulfill the great commission locally with a global impact.

If you are interested in hosting a Good Soil training in your area, you can contact him at

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