Philippine House of Representatives Receive The Story of Hope

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By Randy Southwell

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From the very beginning, the standard for Good Soil resources has been “to make them of such quality that high government officials won’t be offended to receive them.” That is exactly what came about in the Philippines recently. In 1986, the Philippine Bible Society designated January as National Bible Month. That celebration was officially recognized in 2017 by the current government through a presidential proclamation. This year, there were events and activities planned all over the country, including the Philippines Prayer Breakfast on January 27th in Manila, hosted by boxer Manny Pacquiao, in which Ravi Zacharias was the keynote speaker.

Also on the 27th, which was chosen as National Bible Day, the Minority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives, Benny Abante Jr., was scheduled to deliver a speech on the house floor on the importance and necessity of the Bible. Rev. Ben Abante is the founder and pastor of Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church in Manila. To commemorate and reinforce the speech, a plan was put into place to deliver a leather-bound Bible to all 302 house representatives.

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When Ariel Abadiano, our Good Soil partner in the Philippines, was informed of this plan, he suggested that along with the Bible they could include a copy of The Story of Hope to be used as a study guide for the Bible. When those in charge of the project saw the Good Soil resources, they readily agreed that they would be great additions to what was being distributed to the congressmen and women. Ariel was allowed to be in the house chamber that day and was able to witness Cong. Abante personally sharing about the Bible and The Story of Hope to the Speaker of the House, Alan Peter Cayetano. They are now praying for three things to happen: 1) that Christian and other interested representatives would join together in a bible study fellowship, 2) that believers who have access to those in Congress would offer to meet with them to study the Bible, using The Story of Hope, and 3) that they might have the opportunity to give the same gifts to all of the senators.

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Earlier in the month, Dr. Reuben Abante who is Rev Ben Abante’s brother, pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church and the president of Baptist Bible Fellowship of the Philippines, met with the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, during the 120 year celebration of Baptists in the Philippines. He presented him with a copy of The Story of Hope and the Reflections coffee table book. Inside the Reflections book, he wrote a special dedication. Since the celebration of National Bible Day, Ariel and others have been able to personally present copies of The Story of Hope and Reflections to several mayors of cities in the greater Manila metropolitan area.

Ariel says the high quality of Good Soil resources is what made all this possible. He asks that we pray that they have an impact on the leaders and policy makers of the Philippines.

Proverbs 22:29 says, “Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.” Praise God with us for the way He is using Good Soil around the world.

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