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From Telling the Truth:Evangelizing Postmoderns, Edited by D.A. Carson Chapter 28, Athens Revisited - By D.A. Carson

The exposition of Acts 17:16-34 by D.A. Carson is a valuable resource for anyone involved in evangelism with unbelievers in any non-Christian worldview context. Hopefully, the concluding remarks (presented here) from that exposition will encourage you to read the entire chapter which is available at the bottom of the page as a free downloadable pdf file. -Wayne Haston

Quote from page 398 SOME CONCLUDING REFLECTIONS I offer three concluding reflections.

First, the challenge of worldview evangelism is not to make simple things complicated but to make clear to others some fairly complicated things that we simply assume. This can be done in fifteen minutes... It might be done in seven consecutive expositions running right through the first eight chapters of Romans. It might be done with the six months of Bible teaching, beginning with Genesis, that many New Tribes Mission personnel now use before they get to Jesus. But it must be done.

Second, the challenge of worldview evangelism is not primarily to think in philosophical categories, but it is to make it clear that closing with Jesus has content (it is connected with a real, historical Jesus about whom certain things must be said and believed) and is all-embracing (it affects conduct, relationships, values, priorities). It is not reducible to a preferential religious option among many, designed primarily to make me feel good about myself.

Third,the challenge of worldview evangelism is not primarily a matter of how to get back into the discussion with biblically illiterate people whose perspectives may be very dissimilar to our own. Rather, worldview evangelism focuses primarily on where the discussion goes. There are many ways of getting into discussion; the crucial question is whether the Christian witness has a clear, relatively simple, straightforward grasp of what the Bible's story line is, how it must give form to a worldview, and how the wonderful news of the gospel fits powerfully into this true story—all told in such a way that men and women can see its relevance, power, truthfulness, and life-changing capacity.

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