Using the Story of Hope in a Togo Village

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Boys looking at TSOH

In a small village in Togo, Africa, three missionaries have been burdened to see the villagers come to know the Lord as their personal Savior. On Sunday afternoons, these three missionaries would visit the village to lead Bible studies. The gentleman would meet with the adults and use The Story of Hope to lead a Bible study, teaching from Genesis through Revelation (covering 20 Old Testament and 20 New Testament key events, all pointing to God's great redemption plan through Jesus Christ).

While he was busy teaching the adults, the two ladies worked with the children of the village under a nearby tree, teaching the kids through stories of the Old Testament and New Testament. Through the use of studying The Story of Hope, 12 adults have trusted Christ as their Savior in recent months! As interest has grown in this area, a small church has been started by a local pastor and his wife. Another team of missionaries hopes to start an additional Bible study in another part of this village area soon, as the villagers are eager to know more about Jesus.

It is a rare privilege in this part of the world for villagers to own personal copies of literature, so it is highly valued. Since the children of the village do not have copies of The Story of Hope, they greatly enjoy being able to look at the copies which the adults possess. A resident of the village, who is excited to grow in his faith and desires for his neighbors to come to know Christ as well, enjoys letting the children frequently look through his copy of The Story of Hope before their Bible studies begin.

The Story of Hope is a wonderful tool to share the gospel or to disciple believers in homes, in churches, one-on-one, or in small groups and is available in many languages. To learn more, visit

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