Training to Use The Story of Hope

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EAST ASIA—From a trainer in East Asia: This past spring we conducted training for several house church groups in how to use the Story of Hope. After learning and practicing the Chronological Bridge to Life during the training session, one of the assistant pastors came up excitedly and told us, “This is really useful! We can train our church members in evangelism using the ChronoBridge method, and send them out on the streets to practice witnessing to unbelievers.” Encouraging him that this was a great idea, we told him he could have 20 copies of the Way to Joy in his language to use as a discipleship tool for training his people in scripture memory, basic doctrines, and practical ways to live out their faith on a weekly basis. He was thrilled, and immediately shared the good news and his vision for evangelism training with one of the other pastors.

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