Training Children’s Workers in Eastern Europe

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EASTERN EUROPE—It was my privilege to travel recently to a communist country where it is illegal to teach children about Jesus Christ, and also to a Muslim country. In both countries, I chose to present The Story of Hope to Christian children’s workers who want to reach and disciple their children for Jesus Christ, in spite of what that may cost them.

It was exciting to watch the expressions of these workers when they saw the beautiful pictures, representing major redemptive events in the Bible's Big Story. I was able to tell them that most teachers in America had not seen these pictures and had not learned how to do chronological Bible teaching. In both countries, children’s teachers went back to their local churches with an excellent tool (a set of The Story of Hope printed visuals) to present God's redemptive plan--the message that gives hope to all people. These teachers now have a one year plan to teach their children that God does exist, and has always existed, and then proceed to teach them the remainder of the 40 key redemptive Bible stories. We also taught them how to teach the Bible creatively, which they welcomed with great enthusiasm.

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