They Wept When They Heard the Big Story

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ASIA--PAPUA NEW GUINEA—Charlie and Elizabeth Tumbiago are 2011 graduates of the Goroka Baptist Bible College in Papua New Guinea. ABWE missionary Bill Smith trained Charlie and Elizabeth to tell and teach “The Story of Hope,” using the 40 teaching visuals available from Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship. Charlie used the teaching visuals in an evangelistic ministry in a local market in their Southern Highlands province. Many of the people who heard Charlie teach said that they had never heard the Bible presented in this way before. Late in the day, a pastor of a church that does not teach the Bible as God’s Word approached Charlie and asked him to share The Story of Hope with his congregation on Sunday afternoon. The members of this church sat for almost two hours to listen to him unfold the redemptive story of the Bible. Many of them wept when they heard the Bible’s Big Story presented in this way. Thirteen of them, including the pastor, professed to receive Jesus as their Savior in response to the Bible’s story of hope.

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