The Roots of Faith Goes to Prison

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The Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution at Dallas, PA (SCI Dallas) is a medium-security prison for adult male felons. SCI Dallas houses more than 2,100 inmates, some 400 of whom are serving life without any possibility of parole.

Ricardo Jackson, a chaplain at SCI Dallas, attended The Roots of Faith courses at ABWE, in order to be equipped to teach the courses to prison inmates. The class sessions were held on Monday evenings, with one of the inmates (Russell) assisting with some of the teaching.

The class was promoted as an “Exploring the Bible” course. Chaplain Jackson asked some of the men to submit a note or letter, expressing what The Roots of Faith – Old Testament course had meant to them. Here are some of their responses:

The knowledge I have obtained in reading and studying the Old Testament in its entirety, from beginning to end, has been beneficial in furthering my love for God, and faith in his word. In exploring the Old Testament through The Roots of Faith curriculum, I experienced God’s love for his creation, and the purpose he envisioned for us. -Anthony
I don’t think you could have picked a better study. We started at Genesis, the beginning. I wondered if I had to actually pay for this valuable information – what would it cost? My answer, “Priceless!” -Brother Franklin
This Bible study class has helped me understand the Bible and God’s love and mercy. And, as well, this Bible study has helped me understand my life in many different ways. The Bible study has really made an impact in my life. -David
Attending the Bible study on Monday evening has been a great lesson for me. The leader has presented the material in a thorough and insightful way. He has brought the stories of the Old Testament to life, while always relating them back to our core beliefs. I have learned much from this study. The exploring the Bible (The Roots of Faith) course has challenged me to explore the Bible for myself. -Avon
Thank you. I enjoy exploring the Bible. I’m still studying the Bible. -Warren
I sincerely enjoy The Roots of Faith, exploring the Old Testament study. It is extremely informative. The teachings are deep and thorough. We need more studies like this one. Thank you very much for allowing this study to be a part of our lives. It definitely touches me and gives me a firm foundation in which to base all parts of the Word. -John
The Roots of Faith – Wow! What a well put together, easy to read study. It is well outlined, full of information and a great foundation to build upon. It is good for babes in Christ, as well as for the mature in Christ. The name says it all – The Roots of Faith. We must have our roots of faith in the truth of the word of God. This series of lessons on the Old Testament is a great starting point, a good building tool to make your foundation sure. -Kenyatta
I just wanted to write to explain the importance of the class topic – “The Roots of Faith.” These lessons have been very helpful in my quest to find answers. It has helped me understand the Bible truths and in coming to a truth about the prophets, and our patriarch Abraham. -Ronald

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