The Life of a Young Mother Transformed

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The following is a testimony of a woman named Ariane, who trusted Christ for salvation after being led by Lynell (an ABWE missionary) through The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus evangelistic Bible study book. Lynell later used The Way to Joy in the process of discipling Ariane.

“When I was little I had no idea how to follow God. My unsaved parents did not participate in any church and I grew up following the world. I went to a few churches throughout the years, but I never was really interested in knowing the Word of God better. When I read the Bible I did not understand much of it and I had many doubts as to whether it was really the truth.

After getting married and having a child at a young age, my husband and I fought a lot. At one point we even separated and then got back together, but we still had many fights. I started asking myself, ‘What am I doing with my life and with those that I love—my daughter and my husband? How can I raise my child? It is so difficult! What should I do?’

So one day I decided to search for some answers. I started by asking my mother—who had done a Bible study with a missionary. She talked with a friend and got me in contact with a missionary named Lynell who offered to study the Bible with me. It was at this point that I started to think that God was beginning His work in my life. Lynell and I studied twice a week—though many times I wanted to study every day because I was so interested. It was great and God was definitely at work! During this time, I learned that God is faithful, just, and loving. I learned that I am a helpless sinner and that I needed to believe that Jesus Christ took my sins on the cross and died to free me from my sin. I learned that Jesus would give me eternal life if I would humble myself, repent and ask forgiveness from God. He is just and righteous to forgive me. He is merciful. He always answers our requests. This is wonderful! One only has to believe!

Now my life has another meaning. With each passing day I feel more responsible to please the Lord and thank Him for what He has done, for this transformation in my life. And every day I need to feed on the Word of God for it brings the answers to our doubts, consolation for our sufferings, peace in our tribulations, joy for our sadness, the solution for our problems, protection for the times of fear … the Word of God is our refuge and strength.”

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