Taking Initiative – Good Soil is Reproducible!

“Trevor, I need 40 of The Story of Hope student workbooks and 10 leader guides.” Trevor Amack, ABWE missionary to Cambodia recently received this request from Andre, a local Khmer pastor/teacher and ministry partner. Trevor instructed him where he could find the needed resources on the bookshelves in his office. Then, out of curiosity, he asked Andre why he needed so many books and what he was going to use them for. Trevor shares, “His response caused me to praise God and thank Him for how He is working in the hearts and lives of our local ministry partners.”

Cambodia Good Soil training 9 2023

Andre informed Trevor that their team of local Khmer pastors and teachers were going to a nearby province to lead a training! Trevor writes, “They planned, organized, and led a Story of Hope training without my direction, encouragement, or help. How exciting is that? This is what Hayley and I have prayed for and have worked toward since we began The Story of Hope Academy. We want the local pastors and teachers to catch the vision of training and teaching others. And now we are seeing that happen! Reading Andre's message and knowing that our team was taking the initiative to lead a training while I was 7,000 miles away, reminded me that God is the one that is doing HIS work and He does not NEED anyone but will use ANYONE who is willing to serve and submit to Him. PRAISE GOD!”

One of the goals of Good Soil training is for it to be reproducible in all kinds of cultures and settings around the world and by God’s grace we have seen that become a reality whether in the cities of Europe, remote tribes in Africa, bustling metropolis areas of South America, or densely populated provinces in southeast Asia. We also echo, “Praise God!”

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