Learning How to Speak to Unbelieving Hearts

Categories: Stories

Through the Good Soil Evangelism classes that I attended this week I came to know:

  • how to communicate the gospel message to make unbelievers understand it
  • what to communicate to unbelievers
  • barriers of gospel communication process and how to remove those barriers
  • the levels or conditions of unbelievers, which are different from one another

I came to understand the importance of becoming a friend of sinners. They may not like me because I am a believer in Christ. But in the process of time, I need to show and let them know that I really care for them. I also came to know the importance of really listening to unbelievers when I counsel them.

When I began to evangelize an unbeliever, I usually failed to use the Bible, trying to explain with parables or examples, which are not from the Bible. I learned the importance of keeping the Bible open and letting it speak to the unbelieving heart.

Many times I have offered unbelievers the gospel when they were not ready to accept it, and therefore, my offer was void. The pattern that I learned this week will be very helpful for my future ministry.

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