Lea Returns Home with The Story of Hope

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Bus Trip

Lea returned to the Philippines to visit her family. She had gone to the Philippines in the summer, and tried to share the gospel with her family without any success. This time she did not go with the same plan to share the gospel, but she did bring her Story of Hope book that the church had been studying in Sunday School.

She had a twelve hour bus ride to her home and started a conversation with the man seated next to her. During the conversation she brought out her Story of Hope book and let him look at the pictures. He focused on the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac which he had learned about while previously attending a Baptist church for a short while. From that story Lea began to use several of the stories to outline man’s need of salvation and the provision that God made through the sacrifice of God’s son on the cross. By the end of the twelve hour trip he made the decision to accept Christ as his Savior.



Because of the confidence she gained in using The Story of Hope on the bus ride, Lea decided to also show The Story of Hope book to her family. One morning her mother came to wake her up and found her praying. As she talked with her mother, her father also came in the room and sat on the bed. Lea decided to speak to them of the gospel from The Story of Hope. Because of their Roman Catholic background they were familiar with many of the Bible stories, but had not previously understood how the gospel story unfolded from the Old Testament nor the fact that they personally needed to accept the free gift of God’s salvation. After having these things explained to them, both of her parents decided to accept Christ as their Savior. Afterwards, she showed them again the last picture of the new heaven and new earth, they were overjoyed at their prospects of living with Christ as they now had a living hope.

Lea’s joy continued to increase when she shared the gospel with her husband and daughter by way of The Story of Hope. Both of them were moved to tears and repentance as they understood the sinfulness of the human race as well as their own sinfulness. They both also decided to believe in Jesus Christ.

The trip was made even better when her grandmother and one of her younger sisters also trusted Christ after going through The Story of Hope. All in all, Lea had the privilege of leading six members of her family to salvation through Jesus Christ within a three day period, each time using The Story of Hope.

In each of these cases Lea did not go through all 40 stories in a detailed way, but God used the pictures and stories that they did focus on to open their eyes to the truth of the gospel message.

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