Javier Returns Home to Mexico With Hope

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Javier left a life of promise in the USA to return to his family in Mexico

MEXICO—Javier came to the United States with a dream to find a good job to provide for his wife and children in Mexico. Soon after arriving he met Pastor Miguel who invited him to begin studying "The Story of Hope" - a 40-event chronological Bible study - in Spanish. Javier was very faithful to the study and soaked up everything Pastor Miguel taught, eventually professing his faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior. As Pastor Miguel continued to teach and disciple him using "The Way to Joy," Javier became more and more burdened for the salvation of his wife and children back in Mexico. With tears in his eyes, he would often ask Pastor Miguel, "What should I do about my family?" Javier finally realized he must return to Mexico with this wonderful message of hope for his family and friends! This decision meant that he would probably not return to the USA, leaving behind his financial dream, but that he would gain so much more. Javier has recently returned to Mexico and is now starting a church in his home with his family and friends by studying through "The Story of Hope!" Please praise God with us that Javier understands that worldly wealth means nothing, but true riches are only found through faith in Jesus Christ."

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