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How to Show Christlike Love in Your Everyday Life

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Showing Love

As it is written in the Bible, we are all called to show love to others and to share the Gospel. Jesus shows us the perfect example of how to show Christian love in Matthew 4:23 and Acts 10:38. In addition to reading about evangelism and discipleship in the Bible, attending an evangelism and discipleship program like the Good Soil Basic Seminar is the best way to get a clear understanding of how Christ shows His love for us every day & how you can show that same love to people you are close with and even individuals who hold different worldviews & beliefs from your own!

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Discipleship Training Seminar

Those of you who have put ‘christlike love’ into practice know this is not always an easy calling. It can be challenging to love someone who holds different beliefs or doesn’t believe in the truth of the Bible at all. But God calls us to love anyway. One of the best ways to approach a situation such as this, is to first understand that while they may have different worldviews from you now, it doesn’t mean it will always be that way. In fact, one of the best ways you can help them experience the truth, is knowing how to properly communicate the story of redemption without overstepping your welcome. For this, we recommend the Good Soil Basic Seminar.

The Good Soil Basic Seminar introduces the three-step process of Worldview Onion Peeling. This process reveals a non-believer’s core beliefs, enabling more effective witnessing. When done correctly, these three steps will naturally allow you to move through the five layers of the worldview onion without being intrusive.

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These are the three steps:

  • Entry Conversations: The goal of these conversations is to find entry points to proceed to deeper-level conversations. Entry points may be verbal, non-verbal or symbolic in nature. Any statements regarding faith, religion, hope, fear or church are verbal entry point opportunities. Non-verbal examples for an entry point connection would be how a person observes holidays or dietary practices. A symbolic entry point may come by way of a piece of religious jewelry or a bumper sticker, for example.
  • Investigative Questions: The investigative questions process is the next step after an entry point is made. At this stage, you will move the conversation from everyday topics to more significant subject matter. If the response does not show resistance, you probably have a person with an open heart and can proceed to a more intimate faith conversation.
  • Conversion Discussions: Conversion discussions are a vital part of our salvation and the salvation of others. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings more people to the Savior. Until a non-believer realizes the need for repentance to gain eternal salvation, they will be lost. As long as they are lost, we must continue to pursue their trust to enable a conversion of heart.
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Five Ways to Show Christian Love

In conjunction with actively reaching out to non-believers, living our faith is a powerful example and proof that we live what we speak. When others know by our actions that we are believers, that observation can be more powerful than words.

These are five ways to show Christian love every day:

  • Praying: Praying for guidance and compassion as you evangelize will strengthen your resolve. Praying for your enemies will prevent hardness of heart during difficult times.
  • Sacrifice: Sacrifice puts your needs after the needs of another. It may be simple or great, but it always needs to be done humbly.
  • Show Grace: Showing grace to others by forgiving is an example of the forgiveness Jesus gave us. We promise to forgive every time we pray the Our Father.
  • Giving of Time, Talent and Treasure: All we have was given to us by God. We are merely stewards of the time, talent and treasure that we have. Our purpose is to be good stewards of what God has given us to advance His kingdom.
  • Sharing the Gospel: Sharing the Gospel is the hardest part for most people, but it’s the best way to show Christlike love.

Attending the series of Good Soil Seminars provides educational tools to new Christians and long-time believers alike. Learning to incorporate the scripture into your life is one of the most pivitol ways you can effectively show love like Christ.     

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