Good Soil Training for Students and Young Professionals in Asia

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LARGE ASIAN CITY—Interest in Christianity does not seem to be waning in the non-believing university student or the 20-40 year-old population in our area of this Asian country. We work with students and young professionals in a large city. Some of our students are studying medicine and want to treat both the physical needs of their patients and their spiritual needs, but they have no tools or training in how to share the Good News. Our other young professionals want to share their faith with their co-workers, but they too have lacked a suitable tool and training to do so.

Because our students’ general Bible knowledge was limited, we spent a few months teaching a chronological review of the Bible (The Story of Hope) and a course on how to study the Bible. Then we began teaching them the Good Soil seminar material. In order not to draw attention to our work, we meet in small groups for only a couple of hours each week. Our two classes of ten students have now grown to two more classes and there are more who are eagerly waiting to get this training. The students’ peers frequently ask them about their faith and our students feel this training is providing them the information they need to confidently share. One student has already attempted to order 20 copies of The Story of Hope in his native language before even completing the training!

All the students are eager to complete the Good Soil training in order to both share with non-believers, and to teach other believers this method of E&D. Perhaps there are areas in this country where young people are not interested in learning about our Father’s Word but this definitely is not the case for those with whom we work.

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