Fearful to Faithful

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The people of Papua New Guinea live with intense fear - fear of the spirits that they believe inhabit the things around them and control what happens in this world. This intense fear leads them to do many wasteful and evil things to appease these alleged spirits. Literal witch hunts and murders to satisfy the angry spirits is commonplace. Rusta was a man who lived in this kind of fear and lived a life of crime. God has used ABWE missionaries Bill and Debbie Tobias to help Rusta grow in his faith in Christ. Now Rusta is passionate about passing on this newfound freedom to his fellow countrymen still living in spiritual darkness and bondage.

First Debbie taught Rusta how to read in their home. Bill then helped him grow in his faith and understanding by going through a 40-event chronological overview of the Bible called The Story of Hope. Bill saw the passion and gifting that Rusta has to communicate God's truth and love, so he also taught Rusta how to teach through The Story of Hope himself. Since then Rusta has been going all over the region of Papua New Guinea where he lives teaching the gospel using The Story of Hope! In the words of Bill, "God has done a great work in his life!" This is what Good Soil is all about – training and resourcing faithful people who will teach others also! (2 Tim. 2:2). To learn about how you can be trained to use The Story of Hope, please visit www.GoodSoil.com/training.

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