ChronoBridge Cards Come in Handy



SOUTH AFRICA—A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship training seminar. While I was there, I bought the ChronoBridge (Chronological Bridge to Life) cards for myself and my two daughters. Often the three of us have been in situations where we've had opportunities to share Christ with someone but have either leave parts of the gospel out or felt a bit muddled when speaking to the person about the gospel. Little did I know just how handy and wonderful those cards would be!

Every morning for about two terms we have given a young chap, my youngest daughter's age (12 years), a lift to school. My daughters and I have always used this time in the car to pray, so we've continued this practice. Now I can't believe how long it took for the penny to drop. But on the way to school one Thursday morning, I remembered that I had the ChronoBridge cards for the girls in my bag. So, I told them to take the cards out and have a look. It was then that I suddenly realized that I had never asked this young chap if he was saved. So, I did. He said he thought so, but asked, "What does it mean to be saved?" I then asked my younger daughter to use the cards to share with him. By this time we had reached school, so I parked the car in a quiet part of the car park and listened to her share the gospel with him. When she had finished, I asked if he would like to trust Jesus for salvation and he agreed.

It was so amazing to see God working in this young man's life. As I prayed with him, the tears just poured from his eyes. Even after we prayed, he was so emotional. I had to encourage him and help him to realize that was the Holy Spirit working in him and it was nothing to be embarrassed about.

The next day his mother phoned me and thanked me for sharing the gospel with him. He also made me a beautiful "thank you" card, telling me how special that day will always be to him. God is so faithful!

-Member of The Community Connection of Ballito, South Africa

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