107 Year-Old Vietnamese Woman and The Story of Hope

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Vietnam 2017B

This 107 year-old Vietnamese woman in Hanoi loves to read The Story of Hope in her native Vietnamese language. Pastor Joshua, who helped to edit the Vietnamese edition of The Story of Hope, shared God’s story of hope with her and she received Jesus Christ as her Savior. She loves the beautiful pictures of the Bible’s BIG story. And The Story of Hope has helped her to understand God’s redemptive story as it unfolds from Genesis through Revelation.

Vietnam 2017A

And the eight Chronological Bridge to Life cards (God – Man – Sin – Death – Christ – Cross – Faith – Life) help to simplify and summarize the story for her.

Vietnam 2017C

Learn more about Good Soil resources in the Vietnamese language.

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The Story of Hope - Vietnamese

Vietnam Twtj

The Way to Joy - Vietnamese

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