Understanding Relational Evangelism

Categories: Stories

It has been a great privilege and honor to learn about the way of Good Soil Evangelism, which I had never before put in my thinking. It is so practical and simple that everybody could easily understand and do it very well. From this course I now know the mistakes that I have made over and over again, and it is no wonder why people were not really responding. I was touched by the lecture that focuses on making friends with people and getting to know them first—asking them about their life, family and business, before asking them about religion, which I always put in the first place all the time. Here, whenever would speak to an unbeliever we would always tell them that their religion is wrong and ours is right, and that's the reason the unbelievers don't want to make friends with us. All the while we were thinking it is difficult to make friends with them! As I was listening to the lecture, I realized that people will not listen to us if they don't see our concern for them. It encourages me that sharing the gospel is never an event, but rather a process.

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