Multiplying Storytellers in Nicaragua

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ABWE missionaries Traci Warner and Carmen Heffner began a Bible study with about 18 women from a local Nicaraguan church, walking them through The Story of Hope.

The plan was twofold: to teach them the Bible's big redemptive story, and to encourage the women to then share it with someone else. The church's pastor had made it clear that he was very keen on the ladies not only taking part in the study, but also using the resources and what they learned to reach out to others in their community.

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Several weeks into the study, the participants were encouraged to begin thinking of someone – a neighbor, family member, friend, or even small group – with whom to share The Story of Hope. As the study progressed, Traci and Carmen began to have the women teach each other the lessons, not just depending on the missionaries.

Traci comments, "Some of them really have the gift of teaching, and it was a joy to watch them blossom." By the end of the study, Traci and Carmen were quite pleased to hear that many of them were indeed sharing and studying The Story of Hope with others.

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Even greater joy was to follow. Two of the ladies from the church, Flor and Velaska, had reached out to Francisca and led her through the Story of Hope. Francisca made a faith response to the truths of the gospel and a few months later was baptized. "Francisca is now also a part of my weekly Bible study!" Traci excitedly shares.

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