Good Soil Seminar Challenges "Christian" University Students in India to Become True Believers

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Ken Cole, an ABWE Global Access Partners missionary, partners with Satish and Helen Divakar who run Beacon Baptist Theological University and Seminary in Hosur, Tamilnadu, India (until 2013 located in Bangalore). Having been exposed to some elements of Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship before, the Divakars asked Ken to come and teach the Good Soil seminar at their school.

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They wanted their faculty and student body to receive this valuable training. Part of the student body were some freshmen from Northeast India. The Divakars were unsure as to whether or not some of them had ever had a genuine faith response to the gospel.

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Ken shares that many in Northeast India have grown up in the tribal churches, which are fruit of the great missionary endeavors of the late 1800s, but a good number are Christian in name only, having been born "Christian" rather than Hindu. They have never really understood, let alone embraced, the true gospel message.

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Ken taught the group of about 80, focusing on the three key verbs (understand, embrace, keep) in the good soil parable, worldview noise, chronological Bible storytelling, and the eight essentials truths that come from the Bible's story—God, man, sin, death, Christ, cross, faith, life. The group really got into using the Chronological Bridge to Life visuals, relating the story on each card, exchanging them and practicing each one. This method of chronological storytelling can be quite effective in a country of multiple religions. When they got to the part of the seminar where the participants are encouraged and challenged to write their own personal faith story, several of these new students were unable to do so having no real conversion story to share.

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The week after the seminar, Helen Divakar was able to sit down with two of these freshmen girls, Ale and Lanula, and share with them further. They finally understood the Bible's big story, decided to embrace it as their own, and to God's glory have retained it. They both graduated from the university and are back in their home state of Nagaland, actively serving the Lord.

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Ken shares that he has shared The Story of Hope with just as many who call themselves Christians as non-Christians throughout his ministry overseas and in the U.S. Would you pray that many "christians" in Northeast India and around the world would come to an authentic faith response as they hear God's redemptive story.

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