Finding Hope in His Final Days

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USA—About a month ago, I received a phone call from a friend in our neighborhood whose name is Dave. I had been trying to build a redemptive relationship with Dave since we moved into the neighborhood, 16 months earlier. Dave and I both enjoy golf and we have similar houses so we talked about these kind of things. However, when Dave called, he was stressed because his brother, Dennis, had just been told by his doctors that he had one to two months to live because of the cancer that was in his body. Dave asked me to call Dennis, whom I had not met, and talk to him about “faith” and “heaven."

Two days later, I talked to Dennis about his relationship to God. I used the eight essential truths of The Story of Hope (God, man, sin, death, Christ, cross, faith, and life) to point Dennis to God. Dennis came to faith in Christ that morning.

Several days after that, Dave called me and asked about the results of my conversation with his brother, Dennis. I told Dave to come over to our house and I would be happy to tell him. So, Dave came to our house and I shared with him the same eight essential truths (that emerge from the Bible's Big Story) that I had shared previously with Dennis. At that time, Dave also came to faith in Christ.

However, as it turned out, Dennis did not have one or two months to live. He only had 11 days to live and then he went home to meet the Savior he had recently trusted. Dave called me and asked me to speak at the funeral, which I was happy to do. In the funeral service, I explained to approximately100 people that Dennis came to faith in Christ at the very end of his life and how he did that.

The Story of Hope provided a great Biblical message of what the one story of God is. Using the Chrono Bridge enabled me to share in a simple and concise way how to trust Jesus Christ as Savior. Having the Story of Hope gave me a great follow up tool to encourage these two men in the study of the Bible. Maybe others will come to faith in Christ as God uses His Word to convict of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

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