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Parlez-Vous Français?

Sadly, we don't. But, there are many who do and this page is for them! Thus far we've been able to get just over a dozen language specific pages up and running on the Good Soil website.

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Each translation page is comprised of six main components:

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About Good Soil

This paragraph is dedicated to answering the question, What is Good Soil?

Verse Carousel

3 Verses, 3 verbs that encapsulate the goal of each Good Soil resource.


What are these resources and why are they valuable tools?

Look Inside

Because each of us love to preview something prior to committing to buy.

Free Downloads

This section provides a link to download the leader's guides (when available).


An e-mail address for ordering the resource(s).

A Great Start!

We're pretty excited about the translation pages available thus far. It's a great start! And, we hope that these pages will be a valuable tool for you when asked about what resources are available in the language(s) you work with.

While most of the pages are primarily dedicated to TSOH and TWTJ, the Spanish page is an example of how this space can feature other resources and be tailored to the specific ones you've worked on having translated.

Translation Map Dec 20172

Remember this graphic from the first section? While this is a great, we're really just getting started! The image above lists all the languages that have been translated or are in progress.

If you have completed a translation project with Good Soil, but have not yet worked on a translation page, please download and translate the needed text below (2 pages).

Translation Page Text

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