A Big Picture Overview

To start off with, we want to give you a big picture overview...

Below is a map showing each of the languages in which we currently have (or have in progress) one or more resources. You can visit GoodSoil.com/Translations to find out more about exactly what resources are available in that language.

Translation Map Dec 20172

If you haven’t visited the resource page on the Good Soil website recently, we encourage you to take a look at: GoodSoil.com/Resources as there are many resources and free downloads that you may not have heard about recently.

Primarily though, we wanted to point out to you the translations section. Aside from the language listing, we've begun working on putting together a page dedicated to telling about Good Soil and each of the resources available in a particular language - in that language.

The following is a picture of what the translation drop-down menu includes so far (though we hope this image will quickly be outdated!).

Translation Pages 2018

Recognize any of these faces (below)? These 6 people make up the Good Soil team. Gil serves as the Executive Director of Good Soil Ministries. Randy, in the role of Overseas Director, and Dave, serving as the National Director, fill out the leadership team. All of the people pictured serve in a variety of roles and do many tasks including event coordination, translation, and resource management with the objective of serving you to encourage evangelism and disciple-making around the world.

In working on translation projects, Randy and Glorianne will be your main points of contact to get your translation finished and in people's hands.

In a very true sense, though you may not base in Pennsylvania, you are a part of the international extension of the Good Soil team in Harrisburg, PA. And we’re glad to have you as part of our team!

20210420 Thomas Gil

Gil Thomas, Executive Director of Good Soil Ministries

Southwells picture 2

Randy Southwell, Overseas Director of Good Soil Ministries

20210422 Levy Dave

Dave Levy, North American Director of Good Soil Ministries

20210422 Levy Glorianne

Glorianne Levy, Translation Coordinator

20210421 Brown Jean

Jean Brown, Resource Manager

20210420 Thomas Denise

Denise Thomas, Administrative Assistant

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