Good Soil License Agreement

As you read this agreement, please make note of any questions that you may have. We are available to talk - via Skype, phone or e-mail and want to hear from you.

The following are links you can click to download the License Agreement (21 pages) and the Non-Binding Summary (2 pages). The License Agreement is what you'll want to read, sign and return. The Non-Binding Summary is basically an abbreviated repeat of some key content found in the full License Agreement.

Good Soil License Agreement

Non-Binding Summary

Returning the License Agreement:

Once you've had a chance to fully read through the License Agreement and are ready to sign and return it, please note that there are several places in the document to sign / fill in the blank:

Page 2 -- Name, country
Page 15 -- Address, name, date
Page 17 -- Location, language

You can return the signed (hand-written, not digital please) to Gil at: by PDF (preferred) or by Fax: (717) 774-1919.

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