Gaining Ground with Good Soil - Audiobook

An entertaining narrative that will help you understand worldview-relevant evangelism and discipleship and their importance in a world of competing faiths and cultures. Although the story is fictional, it introduces you to the real-life ministry of Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship - an evangelical Christian ministry focused on providing training and resources for equipping Christ followers to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that people will (1) clearly understand it, (2) sincerely embrace it, and (3) firmly hold on to it.

The story: Greg and Diana Tillman, dedicated missionaries, are contemplating leaving the field because of a lack of fruit. Approaching their final six months before furlough, they go on a retreat with their local colleagues to share their concerns and plan an exit transition. The partners are not convinced the couple should leave, so the four of them decide to spend the retreat time studying the Bible and praying, seeking some answers together. Their study produces a theology of evangelism and discipleship that inspires and equips them to continue to pursue their calling. These principles are applicable to anyone wishing to serve God through biblical evangelism and discipleship.

In the story you will learn about:

1. "Good Soil" as Jesus defined it

2. The Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship Matrix

3. Evaluating initial contact and relational evangelism

4. The worldview noise problem

5. Peeling the worldview onion

6. Penetrating worldview noise with the Bible's redemptive story

7. The Story of Hope - an evangelistic chronological Bible study book

8. The Way to Joy - a foundational discipleship study book

9. Interesting insights from the New Testament regarding evangelism in a multicultural world

Written by Gil Thomas; Narrated by Eric Lee; Published by Eric Lee Productions

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