The Way to Joy - Slovak

The Way to Joy is a leader-guided foundational Bible study book, intended primarily for use as an evangelistic follow-up discipleship study but is appropriate for any believer beginning to be serious about his or her Christian faith-journey. Its primary intended use is for one-to-one discipleship sessions. However, it can also be used in small group contexts or as a study book for classes with new converts, new church members, or others who are interested in topics of importance to basic discipleship.

The ten lessons in The Way to Joy focus on an overview of God's redemptive plan, the Chronological Bridge to Life, assurance and security of salvation, the Bible, prayer, the Holy Spirit, personal holiness, witnessing, the local church, and God's plan for our lives.

Unlike some books of this type, The Way to Joy provides provocative questions to stimulate discipling conversations between the leader and the learner. It is beautifully illustrated with customized full-color visual illustrations. In addition to the 64 pages of discipleship content, a set of Bible memory verse cards is included in each book.

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  • The Joy of Hope: God's Eternal Plan
  • The Joy of Eternal Life: Salvation
  • The Joy of Confidence: Assurance and Security
  • The Joy of Guidance: God's Word
  • The Joy of Prayer: Communion with God
  • The Joy of God's Power: The Spirit-Controlled Life
  • The Joy of Purity: Personal Holiness
  • The Joy of Sharing: Offering Unbelievers Hope
  • The Joy of Fellowship: The Local Church
  • The Joy of Service: God's Plan for You

A personal Bible reading plan is included.

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