The Bible's Big Story PowerPoint CD

The Bible's Big Story PowerPoint CD (Formerly The Story of Hope PowerPoint CD) has been upgraded to include color-coded borders and numbering that coincide with the event images in each respective booklet or workbook.

The CD includes the following three PowerPoint versions used in teaching the Bible's redemptive story:

1. The Story of Hope - Condensed (20 event images and ChronoBridge)

2. The Story of Hope (40 event images, maps and ChronoBridge),

3. The Roots of Faith (100 event images, maps and ChronoBridge).

The Bible contains more than 550 stories involving nearly 3,000 characters. But interwoven through all of those stories is one BIG STORY. It's a story that has an attention grabbing opening, clear and intriguing plot, a strong and interesting central character, many diverse and colorful supporting characters, numerous mysteries that are unveiled along the way, and a dramatically climactic ending.

It's a story that begins wonderfully, then goes terribly wrong, and ultimately ends better than most people could have imagined. And on top of all that, it's a TRUE story.

Text in all three presentations can be translated and changed in PowerPoint.

Please Note: The use of these images is limited to sharing the Gospel through chronological Bible teaching. The purchase of this presentation does not include a license for the images to be used for other purposes.

Click here to see how these 100 events can be used with The Story of Hope or The Adventures in the Story of Hope.

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