Adventures in the Story of Hope

Our desire has always been to make a high quality, thorough curriculum for teaching children God's redemptive story from beginning to end available for free to missionaries and children's teachers around the world. Now the Adventures in the Story of Hope curriculum is available as a free download right here! Perfect for a church children's program, homeschoolers, or family study with your child, "Adventures" is anchored in the chronological Bible format that Good Soil materials are known for. Complete with 48 lesson plans for the teachers, a children's adaptation of The Story of Hope, memory verses, 12 songs, fun ways to tell each story, activities, and much more, your kids will buzz with excitement while learning the truths from God's word! There's even a unique way for children to tell the story to their own friends and family called “My Story of Hope."

We pray that these stories from the Bible, twenty from the Old Testament and twenty from the New Testament, plus 8 Chronological Bridge to Life elements, will be told to children around the world. When children hear these stories, they will learn the truth that God has had one plan to redeem men and women, boys and girls to Himself from the beginning of time. Those who have worked on Adventures in the Story of Hope are praying that this new resource will help you teach those who follow you to tell the story well and to tell it often to their friends.

To assist you in teaching the Bible chronologically to children, the following resources are also available for sale. Your teaching will be greatly enhanced with these beautiful, complementary teaching

Download Adventures in the Story of Hope (2018 Colorized Edition)
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