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The Roots of Faith

A chronological Bible survey of God's redemptive plan, consisting of two courses: The Roots of Faith–Old Testament and The Roots of Faith–New Testament. Altogether these courses include lessons that feature 100 key Bible events in 25 major Bible eras, from Genesis through Revelation.

What do I need to do in order to teach The Roots of Faith Bible courses?


Participate in The Roots of Faith Courses at ABWE

Students who participate in these courses at ABWE automatically become certified to teach the courses.

  • $250 for The Roots of Faith—Old Testament tuition
  • $250 for The Roots of Faith—New Testament tuition

Tuition fee includes the instructor materials needed for teaching each course:

  • Course workbook (200 pages, divider tab pages, and workbook binder)
  • Set of ChronoBible cards
  • Commentary (approximately 200 pages) for the Bible study sections of the lessons
  • Instructor's Guide (200 pages)
  • Access to the password-protected online Instructor's Resource Center which includes:
    • Video clips
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Links to web resources
    • Other documents used in the course
Clarks Summit University

Academic Credit

The Roots of Faith course instructors (for courses taught at ABWE) are appropriately credentialed for teaching college and graduate courses. Each course consists of 40 hours of class time and the content and instruction of the courses is comparable to or exceeds college or graduate level academic standards for three academic credits.

These courses can be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit through Clarks Summit University in their graduate, undergraduate or seminary schools in Clarks Summit, PA.

In some cases, students from other colleges or graduate schools have successfully petitioned their schools to receive credit for The Roots of Faith courses. In these situations, we are happy to assist with the credit granting process, following the lead of the student and the credit granting institution.


Purchase the Instructor's Kits for The Roots of Faith Courses

Purchase an Instructor's Kit - $100

The Instructor's Kits include the resources provided to participants who enroll in the courses at ABWE.

Instructor's Resource Center (IRC) Online

The Instructor's Resource Center (IRC) is an online collection of many of the resources used in The Roots of Faith courses when taught at ABWE, including video clips, PowerPoint files, various for-print pdf documents (including the commentary and Instructor's Guide), etc. These resources are available to students who have participated in and completed these courses, or people who have purchased Instructor's Kits for these courses.

Access the IRC Online

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